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Re: Skin Tone Fleece Posted in Skin Tone Fleece on Jan 09, 2018
Also about Puppet Pelts is that they will dye just about any color you want and it's not that expensive for custom colors, just have the PMS # and they can get pretty close.
They are also toying around with doing custom fur blends if the demand is high enough. Lauri also told me that they are about to get in more eye selections too, so their site is definitely growing.
Howie the the traveling Yowie Posted in Howie the the traveling Yowie on Jan 03, 2018
Yes he is a yeti, but was adopted by some traveling Yowies from Australia. For a few years now I have been using tools such as my laser engraver to create, so I challenged myself to go old-school with this one to prove I still have the ability. Patterns were created from scratch and everything abut this puppet is hand stitched. Took me almost a week to complete. He will be in some future videos I am working on.
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 :\'( No link. What's the URL?
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see if this helps
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keep us updated, sounding good.
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love it
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hi, welcome.
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I go to lowes and get their free samples to make some of my mouths with.