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Initially, I'll have to say that 3d-printing for the construction of a single puppet head (or other parts) is not faster, cheaper or simpler than any other construction method. 

One big advantage of 3d-printing is that you can recreate a 3d-printed part again and again - this makes it much easier to try new things (without having the worry about breaking something that cannot be replaced) and it makes repairs very simple. I bought the 3d-printer to have more spare time - the printer can do the work while I do something else - so far that worked very well. 

I have made many printable 3d-models for puppet and costume head bases. Most of my models are dual-use - depending on how large they are printed (16-18cm wide is the size for a puppet head - 26-30cm wide for a costume head). Apart from that, I made models for teeth, noses, ears, movable eyelids, etc.
My models are on -  - free to use for non-commercial purposes. You can change the size as you like.

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Some examples of 3d-models that I made for 3d-printing (the photo in the middle is a 3d-printed costume head base with felt ears attached).

Here's the archived thread with my older models:

Please do not sell prints of my models - that would create unfair competition for my friends who sell their 3d-printed head bases (not based on my models).

If you want more information on how to use them to build hand-puppets go to
More photos of finished 3d-prints are in my Blog 

The finished puppets look like this:
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By Shawn on Nov 25, 2019, 7:38 AM
Very pleased you have continued this discussion in our new forums. Thank you for continuing to support PandS and the puppetry community at large.
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