I'm making a blinking eye mechanism and wanna do it with two individual lids instead of the big brow (like those introduced at 17:09  and 18:49 ). The place I'm having trouble is figuring out how to pattern the eyelid pieces. Each time I try to put the eyelids on they lay really weird. Am I gonna need to make darts in the eyelid pieces? Does anyone have any idea of the patterning for this?
By Shawn on Sep 19, 2022, 4:53 PM
Hello Artie,
It would help if we could see the eyelid that is not working, but as a general comment on what you are trying to do you want the shape to be a bit like a foot ball.  What you could do is take the what ever you are using for the eye i.e. a ping ball and cover it with painters tape. Then slice tape in quarters.  That would give you a starting point.  This quarter piece may not cover the eye enough when you close it so sew to quarters together... this gives you your "darts". Most likely you won't need the full dart this would make but it should give you an idea of what you need.  
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