I'm new, but enjoying puppet making a lot! I've written a musical about Grace Darling, the hero of the Farn Islands (she carried out a sea rescue in 1838 ) during lock down and I intend to perform it with a puppet as Grace. I've designed a table that she sits on with a scenery behind the puppet, and started the puppet and ordered some fir fabric for skin. I'm really enjoying the making at the moment - any advice on how to progress? if anyone's interested in the music, it's here https://greycatz.bandcamp.com/releases I plan to sit on one side of the table with my wife on the other, who plays mandolin while I play the guitar. Long term plan is to perform in schools, with a first performance at Christmas for a panto sort of thing.
By Shawn on Oct 11, 2021, 7:32 AM
Welcome Richard to Puppets and Stuff. Sounds like it will be a great school show. 

Are you using fur or fleece for the skin?  For people puppets fleece is better. You can purchase special antron fleece or just go with a fleece you find in sewing stores. Either work the actual antron fleece just holds up better and is a little nicer.
By SHould on Dec 6, 2021, 7:40 PM
Hi Richard, and welcome to our puppetry home. Your project does seem quite interesting. I love it when people take events in history and do something creative with them. I do hope to learn more about your project as it will go along. I myself am starting on a pretty impressive project. I have not worked with puppets in 13 years or so and it will be a huge project but one that will be fun. I will keep you all up to date. See you on the other side of the curtain and good luck with your project.
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