Hey, I'm planning on making a puppet of a canine character, and I want to give it a flexible mouth plate for lots of expression but I also want to have a couple mechanisms in the head (eyes, ears, etc.). In most puppets, the mechanisms rest on a hard mouth plate or on top of the puppeteers hand, but since this character has a flexible mouth plate and my hand will be forward of the eyes because of the snout, those won't be possible, and I don't think that mounting the mechanisms directly on the foam will work. I want to know some ideas for a solid head structure that can hold mechanisms independent of the mouth plate. I was thinking of some kind of large, hollow sports ball that I could use as a base (I once made a small glove puppet with a whiffle ball as a head that allowed for a cure ear mechanism, I'm looking for the same principle but larger). 3D printing a head seems like a great option, but I don't have access to a 3D printer, much less one large enough to print a whole hand puppet head. Anyways, I want to hear all of your suggestions.
By Shawn on Oct 5, 2021, 7:24 AM
Depending on how big your puppet is I wonder if you could find some type of child "helmet"? 

There are also thermoplastics that would be ideal for making a base. Worbla and Wonderflex are two brand names.  Here is a link to a comparison of the products: Nifty Nerd

Here is the Worbla site: https://www.worbla.com
Here is the Wonderflex site: https://www.wonderflexworld.com
By Will on Oct 5, 2021, 7:11 PM
Thanks! I will definitely be taking these into consideration. I think a child's helmet would work pretty well, as this puppet is going to be pretty big, with a head about the size of a human head (the snout will have to fit my whole hand, and I will scale the rest of the head to that) so I'm, sure I could find a small helmet that would be the perfect size
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