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Welcome fellow puppeteers! For many years now we have been serving up puppet related content for puppet lovers, makers and enthusiast. The design of the site has undergone many transformations but the initial intent of the site has always been to serve up puppet related information. Many of the users here at Puppets and Stuff have their own sites, blogs or forums and we love to hear about them. There are many here that are puppet makers and you can find puppets for sale either on their own sites or on e-bay auctions they hold.

The heart of the puppet community here is the Forum where you can find tons of information from the history of puppetry to how to market your own puppet company. We discuss just about everything that is related to puppets and puppet theater. You can see the last five topics that where posted in the left hand column. You might be able to tell by the listing that puppetry often involves other abilities other then just how to build or manipulate a puppet. You can find areas to talk about staging, sound, lighting and even other forms of childrens entertainment like story telling, clowning or magic. We feel it is all relative and can enhance your puppeteering skills. There are even members here that are not exclusively puppeteers but deal in such connected art forms as doll making, animation, movie making and other crafts that seem to fit right in. That in part is "Stuff" part of the site.

Not every puppet maker or puppeteer can afford their own web site and we also try to provide ways they can get the word out about what they have to offer. There is a calendar where puppeteers can post upcoming shows, workshops or other puppet events. We also encourage users to post information on the calendar when they learn of puppetry festivals and events that they may be planning to attend.

Useful Links

These are links to some of our members sites that sell stuff that puppeteers are always asking for. We figure it is easier to post them here so they are easy to find.

  • Out of the Box Puppets: An excellent source for puppet supplies offering Antron and specializing in black light puppets.
  • Make Money With Puppets!: If you are a puppet builder, puppeteer, or even a puppet enthusiast, this eBook is a "must have" if you want to make a great living with your passion for puppetry. Written by professional puppeteer Paul Louis. Yes this is the same Paul Louis who created "Jelly Bean Jungle" and who as videos on eHow.com and other video sites! Check out this post for a limited time special!
  • Mermibridg: This little gem of a site in the UK is owned by member wyohming. She carries Antron Fleece and Neoprene amoung other things that can be hard to find overseas.
  • Georgia Stage: While this is a theater supply company, they offer one thing that many puppet builders cannot live without, Antron Fleece! You must contact them via email or phone since it is a special order item and not listed on their site.
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Purpose And Mission

Puppets and Stuff is based out of Kansas City Missouri and is the brain child of Shawn Sorrell. It is not intended as a replacement of other puppetry web sites but as an enhancement of established puppet related sites. It is our hope that Puppets and Stuff will help puppeteers and enthusiast to establish a presence on the Internet. It is an endeavor to promote puppetry to the general public and to strengthen the puppet community.

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