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Suitcase marionette video Replies 19

Posted by Abdolos on Mar 29, 2010

I thought this was pretty cool: kinda reminds me of your new suitcase, Nikole H!

Punch and Judy Replies 0

Posted by Chris Arveson on Mar 28, 2010

I've not seen a lot of Punch and Judy, that's not very common fare in the U.S. But I continue to grow in curiosity and interest in forms of puppetry that are less familiar to me. I decided to…

Gali the Alligator Replies 10

Posted by Nikole H. on Mar 27, 2010

This is NOT for kids to watch.  At first I thought this was another BARNEY type show and was taken by surprise.  It made me laugh.WARNING....NOT FOR KIDS!!!xoxo,N

The Typist Replies 4

Posted by Nikole H. on Mar 25, 2010

If you have never seen this before, be sure to check out this amazing piece.  There is a small gallery of pictures and a short clip of the show.  It is modern day bunraku at its…

European Champion 2008 - Germany with stirng puppet Replies 2

Posted by Helmut Schmidt on Mar 22, 2010

Hello friends of the string puppet. take a look here though!SincerelyHelmut

Animatronic Youtube Videos found. Replies 4

Posted by Henry on Mar 22, 2010

Just got subscribed to on youtube buy a person who had this fantastic animatronics video amongst there faverouts. I am sure some of you high tech puppet makers will appreciate this cool sheep head…

Any suggestions of where to buy puppets for kids? Replies 2

Posted by Mr Analogy on Mar 19, 2010

I did puppetry as a kid and I'm looking for some puppets to get my kids started. (We'll look into making puppets if they enjoy it and my wife can get some time on the sewing machine)My primary…

Hey all! Found this funny video....... Replies 8

Posted by neal on Mar 11, 2010

Hey guys I found this funny video on YouTube just surfing around....thought some of you may enjoy it, it is funny but has one swear word in it nothing big.

My favorite puppet videos Replies 1

Posted by Puppets Review on Mar 06, 2010

I absolutely love the Nike Kobe and Lebron puppet videos. Even though it's not Christmas, these are my favorite so I thought I'd share. I think they are…

New Video Review - Fancy Nancy Replies 7

Posted by Puppets Review on Feb 16, 2010

I posted my second video review. Tell me what you think!

Paper Puppet Theater in a box Replies 6

Posted by Nikole H. on Feb 14, 2010

This is a clever video that I stumbled upon in my search for other people with the love of paper.  I like his use of mixed media to come up with the finished video.  So professionally done…

My first video on youtube Replies 4

Posted by Kai2010 on Feb 07, 2010

So, my first video is online on youtube. you like it.By the way, the voice of filly and the devil is mine  

Little and big Giant puppets Replies 7

Posted by Sandra on Feb 05, 2010

Some of you may be familiar with the little giant since she was once talked about in the past here on PnS. But now it seems that the company Royal de Luxe has done it again and has added a big Giant…

The Amazing Christopher Replies 4

Posted by Chris Arveson on Feb 02, 2010

I hadn't seen this guy before. Just another way to entertain with puppets. …

Michael Jackson Marionette Replies 11

Posted by cvzdesign on Jan 29, 2010

Thought this was amazing...

New Shadow films online Replies 6

Posted by Mucky Puppets on Jan 28, 2010

Hi allIt's been a while since I've posted. Recently I completed a Shadow adaptation of classic Ghost stry 'The Phantom Coach and here it is I'd love any feedback, My shadow films have…

Video: Jim Henson on Making Muppets 1969 Replies 10

Posted by BrutalSlakt on Jan 25, 2010

Maybe you've all seen this video already but I really like it so I thought I'd write a post about it. It reminds me that it doesn't matter how "fancy" your puppet are with moving…

Funny Stories Replies 4

Posted by Ventriloquist Kriket on Jan 22, 2010

I will tell you a story about me, LeeDean, and the magician, John Moehring. At Six Flags Over Texas we shared an apartment, and performed the three or more shows on first campus review. One night…

Couple puppet music videos Replies 4

Posted by ZombiePencil on Jan 22, 2010

This music video by Interpol is a little old, but I still love it.  Even if the puppet is creepy This is a funny music video by Lily allen, about her weed smoking lazy puppet brother. XDJust…

Marishca performes "God bless the child" Replies 5

Posted by Pyrostix on Jan 09, 2010

just a quick anouncement that Marishca performes "God bless the child" on you tube" Check her out and also the series on her creation... just type in Footlice presents Marishca or…

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