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Fully-Functional "Beaker" Reproduction Hand Puppet Needed Replies 11

Posted by lboiv001 on Nov 20, 2008

Where Can I find a functional "Beaker" hand puppet with eye and mouth manipulative functions? Anyone?

British zookeepers use hippo hand puppet to feed listless pygmy hippo Replies 4

Posted by Ron G. on Nov 18, 2008

Hungry Hippo Starts Eating with a Help of a Glove Puppet!"Chico caused keepers at his home in Heythrop Zoological Gardens concern when he began to refuse food. But the animal was lured back to…

Some advice needed Replies 22

Posted by Na on Nov 04, 2008

This is sort of puppetry related and does require some intro.Many of you may know about my situation in Australia, regarding employment. I've had no luck as yet finding work, and even though I get…

Puppet Kits Replies 71

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Aug 27, 2008

I'm putting together a series of puppet kits, but I need a little input. What I would like to know is ?(1) What type kits you would like to see available. (2) What type materials would you like to…

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