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Posted by: MeanDean on Sep 27, 2007
You do understand this site is about people who MAKE soft figure puppets? I know you like to sell puppets this site is not about that. This site is about building puppets...Please keep the mission in mind...

Hi MeanDean,

Welcome to the forum too

Do you make puppets? Id like to learn how and maybe you can help me. Im sure you are a part of this forum because you make puppets...and maybe you can help people like me who would love to learn how to make puppets...that is the mission right?

Yes I like to sell puppets, why? because I love to BUY puppets.

Thanks for the warm welcome


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Perhaps you could explain to others what is involved as a Entertainer. Sometimes with traveling, and tight booking schedules. It is quite impossible to find the time to build your own puppets. That is why you depend on others to design a puppet for you. If I'm correct ... after you use your puppets over a period of time it is good to exchange them by selling or swapping them out to keep your show fresh and new. This can get quite expensive. Sometimes Entertainers have to sell some of there puppets in order to buy new ones. It would be nice to keep them all but over all expenses do not allow this at times.

I would like to add that you have a unique collection of puppets and Thank You for giving Puppets and Stuff members a chance at buying them first before going to Ebay. Many here at P&S are not only builders but collectors of puppets. The mask have come up in topics here on numerous occasions. Many have wanted to know where to buy them.

We will be more than happy to help you learn to build puppets as long as you help us learn to how become a professional performer.

Billy D.
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Sep 27, 2007
Hi Billy D.

Im relatively new in Ventriloquism I started a year ago only but puppets have been my addiction lately so to speak

I have experimented with Axtell puppets like the Pelican, Bulldog, Wild Thing and Vern but I had to sell/trade those since the puppets did not fit my routine...and not because the puppets were not nice or anything like that. Sometimes we need to buy puppets and see if it will fit our routine, if it does, then its a KEEPER like my Axtell Orangutan and Axtell Cockatoo BUT if not, then it gets sold or traded

As for hard figures, Ive experimented with quite a good number of figures including a wooden Selberg...figures from Payes, Carcamo and Poyner. I even had the chance to try conversion figures from Detweiler, Croes and Barry...and again, if the figure fits the act, its for keeps..but if not, then the figure gets sold or traded I even got a Semi Pro figure from Braylu hoping that it can be a dummy's dummy but it did not work out well so I sold it...

A puppet/figure that does not fit my act can fits somebody else's act so that's where trading or selling comes in...the vents who bought my Axtell Pelican, Bulldog, Wild Thing and Vern are very happy with their puppets because they came up with routines for those puppets that fit their acts.

Now Ive been experimenting with the Axtell Cry Baby and so far its a killer...very funny and lots of possible ideas...but I need to use it in a few more shows before I decide if the baby stays in the act or not.

Im also waiting for an MAT Duck to arrive soon, I already have a routine for him that I find funny but the question is "will my audience find it funny?"  So it will take a few gigs to decide if the MAT duck stays in the act or it gets sold or traded.

Im so new in the art that Im still looking for a solid act and that's why I keep buying new puppets/figures...and of course,in the process, puppets that don't quite make the cast gets sold or traded Why, because Im quite certain that the figures/puppets Im selling (at prices lower than the prices I got them) will fit sombody's return I get some of my money back and use it to buy new figures that might just work out well in my act...if not then the process will go on..BUY...TRADE...SELL...untill of course I find a solid act and find puppets/figures for KEEPS

Now if only I can make my own puppets that would be a treat!!!



Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by LJ on Sep 27, 2007
I am glad to hear from someone more experienced than me that you have bought puppets that really have not fit into your act.  I thought it was my own lack of creativity - but maybe it is more what you are talking about "they are nice puppets but just somehow don't fit the routine"  That helps explain some of what I have experienced.  I agree with you that sometimes you just have to try things out for a while and then see what happens.  I have sold or given away some of the puppets that have not fit into my routines also, but have also been tempted by some really nice puppets without really having an idea in mind on how to use them.  Like I have learned in some of my Vent. classes - have a well defined character sketch drawn out and them find a puppet to match it.
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Oct 16, 2007
Hi everyone,

Check out the new member of my gang of puppets...from Mary Ann Taylor (MAT)

Tatarara!!! Suuuuuper Duck!

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Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Oct 16, 2007
He is great looking! I know you are Happy to have gotten it. I hope it works out well in your show.

Billy D.
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Oct 16, 2007
Thanks Billy D.

Ill try him out this weekend
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by LJ on Oct 16, 2007
A vent friend of mine has that same Mary Ann Taylor duck and she loves it.  Have you decided on a character sketch for him?  Have fun with him.
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Oct 16, 2007
Nothing like a superhero duck to save the day!!!

Glad you got what you wanted and hope your show will be just ducky with your new co-host.

Daryl H
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Oct 16, 2007
 Thanks LJ and Daryl H

 He will be a super hero duck

 W: Do you have super powers?
 SD:Yes, Im faster than a speeding...
 W: bullet?
 SD: No!
 W: What?
 SD: Turtle
 Something like that...

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