Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Oct 21, 2007
Thanks Billy D.

The stage in the picture was provided by the hotel (Century Park Hotel) and the stage decor was provided by a Balloon Decor specialist (Balloonation)

You wont believe how things here get crazy as far as kiddie party decors are concerned...

...really cool actually

Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Nikole H. on Oct 21, 2007
You buy the plane ticket and I will share my home with you! 

BTW....I LOVE 50 FIRST fact, they filmed up the road from my house.  Lost films down the road from my house now, too!  It is fun to see all the celebrities walking around.

Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Oct 22, 2007

I went to Saipan a long time ago...nice place. I'm sure Hawaii is much nicer
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Nov 22, 2007
Hi everyone...I editted my videos and just made one single video with all the characters in it

Video Removed By YouTube User

Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Sonny on Nov 23, 2007
You have a great talent and a huge collection of excellent puppets. I'd have a blast checking out your pups.
Great job as always. Those mask puppets are always a GOOD laugh
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by LJ on Nov 23, 2007
Thanks for sharing!  You always amaze me!!  It is fun to watch other ventriloquists and you always inspire me to keep on persevering!! 
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 23, 2007
Thanks for putting that together. It seems that you are pretty busy with being booked all over.

Keep up the great work and look forward to more video down the line.

Daryl H
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Nov 23, 2007

Thanks y'all Im not a very good vent but I enjoy every minute working with a puppet on stage

Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Dec 24, 2007
Happy Holidays to all...from me and my family.

My wife Debbie, kids Martin, Ivan, Kim, Kathleen, JC, Sam and Gabby

and the other kids...Gonzo, Cooku and Bryan from Axtell...Nicolo from
Poyner...Dom from Payes and Suuuper Duck from MAT

Looking forward to a prosperous and blessed new year to all all of us.


"God is good all the time"

Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Dec 24, 2007
Posted by: LJ on Oct 21, 2007
THANK YOU for sharing the photos and video!  It was especially inspirational to me to see how much fun you could have with a very simple story line and a simple magic trick gone wrong.  Sometimes I think I try to get too complex in my story lines.  Like they always say "less is more".  How many birthday parties do you do? I have my first one in December. Again thanks!!

Hi LJ,

I may have overlooked this one and remained unanswered, my apologies.

I have been doing magic shows for the last 20 years...but I'm basically very new in long routines yet...just some short funny gags and lines I do about 8-10 birthday parties a month and we thank the Lord for every single party that we get. This is my fulltime work

I like showing the kids a variety of puppets and characters

For adult shows, I stick to just two figures and the masks...recently I added the Human Macots

I dont have any solid vent routines yet although Im working on a Signature act I call Ventrillusion, a mix of Ventriloquism and Stage illusions...

How's the old man doing? Is the hubby enjoying the task of care giving to an old man? I certainly hope so Please email some photos soon

Happy Holidays!!!



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