Evil Puppet Posted by Henry on Oct 17, 2007
Less then two weeks till Halloween and I'm a buzz with all things creepy.
Hope to get you all in the mood by posting this mysterious picture of
the only Haunted puppet I know!   

I will add the complete write up about him on the 31st just so you all have something
spooky to look forward to. Please advise if you believe you already know about
him as I only found out about him in the last two weeks.

I will also help keep this thread going buy posting regular links to my latest
Halloween Magic Acts.

Here is the first link: http://www.magicvideodepot.com/view.php?a=v&t=11923

Spook you later Boo Henry. 
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Oct 17, 2007
Can't wait! Your Evilness. and BOOooooooooooooo! to you to.

Billy D.
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Shawn on Oct 18, 2007
Oh! Ghost stories, should we build a campfire and roast marshmallows on the 31st?
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by J-ByrD on Oct 18, 2007
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I'm reallly scared from that puppet! This is exciting!(and scary)
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Nojoy on Oct 18, 2007
Oh great... now any noises I hear in the dark are gonna have that face!

Cool and creepy puppet!
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Sonny on Oct 19, 2007
Let's do a Ventrillo meeting that night for those who can. I would think all the trick or treaters will be done by 7pm ish. Lets hook up around 8pm central and tell spooky stories.

Are you Game?
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Oct 19, 2007
Sounds great Sonny, I shut off all the lights and close the doors as no one is at home. I can't deal with my dogs barking and running for the front door. That scares the kids away and I end up eating all the candy........ Oh well it would melt other wise.

Billy D.

lets bring marshmallows on a fork with lighters a have a roast.
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Puppet-Planet on Oct 19, 2007

Sounds fun, but I can't get chat to work on my PC and from what I remember from previous years my little ghouls are out until about 9pm or so..... our neighborhood does house parties and we hop from one place to the next most of the evening.

Do post some good stories on the boards for us to read!  PLeeeeeeeeease. 
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Henry on Oct 24, 2007
Yes horror fans only one week left to go!

Sonny, the 8pm visual sounds like fun. Where do you go for these Ventrillo Chats, is it the "Chat" link found on this web site?

I did a little maths on the time difference between Melbourne and US Central and found that currently I would be hooking up at 11:00am on the Thursday here this weekend we go into daylight savings time so that throws me out by an hour. I will however go off the time from this web site - please advise if this is the time zone you are referring to?

Now, for a little bit more on the puppet mentioned at the start of this thread.

Three weeks ago I took the family to Canberra for holiday, on the way up we stopped off for coffee. Across from the coffee shop was a book store and in the window this book was opened on the page referring to Australia's Evil Puppet.

The picture compelled me to purchase the book and the story made me think of all my Mates at Puppets and Stuff.

When I scanned the picture in of the puppet for this thread the picture looked aged and no matter what I did I could not get my scanner to make a clear image of the picture. In the end I had to photoshop the image to make it look like it does in the book. This if you want makes for a good paranormal story but the James Randi in me believes that the page must be treated with some type of coating that is having an adverse effect on my scanner.

Only one more week and all will be revealed.

Finally here is the link to the second instalment of the Henry Halloween trilogy.


Sleep tight, Henry.
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Shawn on Oct 24, 2007

Yes Ventrilo is the first chat linked on the left column. Here is the page that explains how you can get linked up to use it. http://puppetsandstuff.com/community/index.php/topic,1570.0.html

Yes the link you posted for time is correct. Central Time is what the board here normally defaults to. 


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