library programs Posted by LJ on Nov 18, 2007
Just wanted to show a couple pictures from my last two library programs.  I tried something new - I produced a guinea pig!  It worked wonderfully!  Although one child asked if it was a muskrat!
Re: library programs Posted by jomama on Nov 18, 2007
What do you do for your library shows? Is it vent? Do you have a theme, etc. I've done library shows with a team, but right now it is just me. I want to get into libraries here but what is my first step?
Re: library programs Posted by LJ on Nov 18, 2007
When I do library programs it is a combination of vent. and illusions.  When I do summer programs I write a show based on the Library Summer Reading program. Each state chooses a theme for the summer.  For example the theme for Iowa next year is "Catch the Reading Bug".  This year it was "Get a Clue at your Library". I wrote my show based on that - all my puppets were trying to solve mysteries and I had a big mystery my fish was missing.  We solved the mini mysteries as we went and eventually found my fish too (a live one!) The programs I am doing this fall and winter are called "The Friendship Fiasco".  It is all about learning to be a good friend.  When I do this in churches I bring out a gospel message but in Libraries I have a list of children's books that deal with friendship which I bring out during the show.  What I did was to make up a little flier describing my program and sent it off to the libraries in my area.  One library has had me four times!  The kids there know my characters and actually cheered when my main partner - Lily - came out!  I have a friend that does programs for libraries and she does not necessarily talk about books but being a school teacher I always try to find ways to encourage reading.  The libraries that have booked me have appreciated that.  I would say GO FOR IT!!  And don't be afraid to promote yourself.  And then ask for a letter of recommendation to use on future promotional literature!  Keep me posted!!!
Re: library programs Posted by luv2beeamommy on May 20, 2008
Well I'm going to do a show for our local library and have never done anything like this before ! I have a puppet theatre and a short skit plus I will read a few books from memory . I just got a professioanl puppet a few days ago and already people are asking me ! I'm surely not a vent so its behind a curtain for me ! I have been practing and seems to be doing good atleast my 3 yr old thinks so . I also going to do a small show for the preschool kids on thursday !And we are going to be making finger puppets (since I'm just learning how to make real puppets ) Wish me luck any advice would be  great !
Re: library programs Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on May 21, 2008
It looks like you have found a great place to perform and the kids in the pictures look very attentive. 

I like the guinea pig idea.....and what the hay you seem to be educating the kids what a guinea pig looks like over a Muskrat.   

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience........

Daryl H
Re: library programs Posted by LJ on May 21, 2008
You will have SO much fun doing programs for your library!  I often make finger puppets with the kids at my shows and that really is a great thing to do.  Kids love finger puppets and they are not complicated.  However my last show on the 12th of May there were 115 children there! Making finger puppets with 115 kids was interesting!! 
Telling the stories you have memorized is always a good idea.  You could have a puppet with you asking questions as you go.  The puppet can just whisper to you if you don't want to give it a voice.
My best advice is HAVE FUN!!!!  Then the kids have fun! 
Re: library programs Posted by Jon on May 21, 2008
LJ,  thanks for taking the time to describe what you do at libraries.  I've been trying to think of how our puppet team could work with libraries and you have given me some great ideas.
Re: library programs Posted by luv2beeamommy on May 21, 2008
Wow you do some amazing work ! 115 kids thats alot I'm looking at like 30 lol ! You seem like an amazing person Keep up your work it looks like so much fun !
Re: library programs Posted by LJ on May 21, 2008
Doing a craft in smaller groups is actually MUCH better!!  I sort of like the smaller groups in general because it is easier to connect with the kids!  Like I said before HAVE FUN!!  You will be fine.  My husband always tells me that being a bit nervous is good because it keeps you sharp and he always says remember they want you to succeed!  So have fun and tell us all about it!!

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