Fabric Sale Posted by MsPuppet on Nov 24, 2007
Hancock Fabrics has Northern Light Fleece for $1.99 a yard, the anti-pill is also on sale for about 1/2 price. I bought several colors this morning (and used my 10% off of all purchases coupon). Some were blacklight!

Joann's has fleece on sale too.

It's a good time to stock up.
Re: Fabric Sale Posted by nygirl13662 on Nov 24, 2007
Uggg wish i had eather in my area im forced to shop at wally world ...
Re: Fabric Sale Posted by MsPuppet on Nov 24, 2007
They do the same sales online. Sign up at their web sites.
Re: Fabric Sale Posted by Soda sam on Feb 25, 2008
Hello everyone
               can anybody tell me were i can find blacklight fabric for puppets i need to 5 puppets for my church thank you for your help.
Re: Fabric Sale Posted by Puppet-Planet on Feb 25, 2008

Hi, you might want to try starting a new thread instead of posting in old ones..... just to increase your chances of getting a response and keeping all of the good ideas and suggestions in one place for later use. 

Now, I don't remember who it is that is the blacklight pro around here.... Amybeth?  But, I have read that some of the anti-pil and alpine fleece sold at Joann's fabric is black light reactive.  Not all of the colors are though.... so you might either want to obtain sample pieces of the fabric to take home and test or bring a portable black light to the store.

Good Luck!
Re: Fabric Sale Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Feb 25, 2008
I sell blacklight fleece in yellow, orange and green.  I can help you if you have any questions about blacklight. 


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