Re: Building a Puppet Mouth Posted by MsPuppet on Dec 02, 2007
Yes, I meant how will the felt last over several years and lots of use.

My hubby is a cabinet maker/wood worker, so we have all the tools I mentioned and he cuts the mouths for me.  He does large batches at a time, so I have a good supply to work with.

FRP - (fiberglass reinforced panel) comes in 4' X 8' sheets at home improvement warehouses like Lowes or Home depot.  It is thin and rigid and works well. One side is smooth, the other is not, so I use the smooth side on the mouth side and the other on the side your hand will grip (I still glue a piece of fabric on it).

We use a variety of glues. Contact cement, spray adhesive for foam, and weatherstrip adhesive.
Re: Building a Puppet Mouth Posted by Helen on Dec 02, 2007
Thanks for this!  Fibreglass sounds interesting. In the UK I'd probably get it in B & Q so will check it out.

Cutting rigid plastic with scissors can get a bit sore after a while so long term I really need to get some kind of tools to do it.

Think 'how does it hold up' is an american expression so didn't get the meaning! Some of the puppets I've bought years and years ago have felt mouths that seem to be OK still but I possibly haven't used them too often.   

The main thing Puppets and Stuff is doing for me is giving me the info plus the courage to try something different!

Re: Building a Puppet Mouth Posted by Monkey on Jun 26, 2008
Thanks, I must have misread your pattern. Still, the puppet came out great, unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it to send you. I promise I'll take a picture of the next one.

Re: Building a Puppet Mouth Posted by Helen on Jun 26, 2008
Thanks Steve - that's great!


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