Venthaven Posted by Toon Asylum on Jan 04, 2008
I was curious if anyone from here has been to this puppet convention in northern Kentucky called VentHaven?
I'm not a ventriloquist, but was wondering if it would be something interesting for someone thats just a puppeteer/builder?
I would love to hear from anyone who has attended(or planning to attend) and what your opinion was.
Here's a link to their site for those interested

Thanx -

Re: Venthaven Posted by Sonny on Jan 05, 2008
I'm sure something will be posted about the convention. Michele might have the answer for you.
Re: Venthaven Posted by Donald Woodford on Jan 06, 2008
Hi Ran,
          I've been to Vent Haven several times since 2001, which was my first visit.

I was a first year beginner when I went and was made to feel like a part of a large family. It's a place where all, (professionals, week-enders and amateurs) look to assist you in any way they can to improve your skill.

Mark Wade, the director of the event makes an all out effort to ensure beginners are especially made to feel welcome. My wife attended the 2001 VentHaven convention with me and who is not a ventriloquist and has no desire to be one, had a good time and made several friends.

Ventriloquist Dan Horn number #1 in my books, in puppet manipulation has a workshop almost every year which I think you could benefit from. He use all kinds of puppet movement to make them.

Hope this helps, need more infor. give me a shout.


Re: Venthaven Posted by Puppet-Planet on Jan 07, 2008

Oh Yes, the "staff", venders, and registered guests all put in a great deal of effort to make the first timers very welcome. First Year attendee's get colored dot stickers put on their name badges so that everyone knows who you are..... not that the confused look on your face wont give you away.     Seriously, it's an action packed fun-filled event for the amateurs and professionals alike.

Each year brings new and exciting workshops to the line up, and it's just a can't-be-beat opportunity to meet with lots of people that have the same interests as you!


Re: Venthaven Posted by LJ on Jan 08, 2008
I have been wondering about going to Vent Haven as well.  We always go to I-Fest and this year I will finish my classes for V.I.T. level 2 (ventriloquist in training) which means next year I get to graduate!!  (they have a little celebration and everything )  But I was wondering about Vent Haven.  All of us vents. should let each other know if you are attending so we can meet there - of course the same goes for I-Fest!!  I would love to meet any of you on this forum who are planning to attend I-Fest this year!!
Re: Venthaven Posted by DearMyrah on Jan 09, 2008
Ya' know, it's been a few years since I was at Vent Haven. It certainly is a great place to connect -- everybody is SO easy to talk to and share with. I'm primarily a puppeteer (although I started as a vent, but that's another story) and there were many applicable classes offered--think character development, voices, scriptwriting, etc. And there were a few building classes when I went... a couple hard figure/mechanics classes, and one soft puppet class. So I'm sure you'd find the conference helpful on a number of levels. It might be good to request a class schedule first, though. The offerings vary from year to year.

But... OK, I gotta share this... My first impressions of the convention were... well... OK. Lemme just try to describe it. Bear with me. The conference is held at "The Drawbridge Inn"--one of those mildly cool yet somewhat freaky themed hotels--so walking up to the building felt kinda eerie as we approached the towering stone entryway which led into a dimly lit foyer accented with dark tapestries and rusty suits of armor. But the strangest thing was what I found inside the lobby. Lounged too comfortably in the large leather lobby furniture was a group of old men smoking and sipping cocktails. I could tell they were there for the conVENTion because each man had a doll on his lap... and all the dolls were talking to each other. Not the men. Just the dolls. On the laps of the old men. And these innocent looking wooden boys were taking turns one-upping each other with dirty jokes. I mean _dirty_ jokes. And when one would say something, all the men would loudly express their pleasure in the funny thing the little boy had just said. It was a sight that made me shudder and giggle at the same time.

Huh. That incident was 15 years ago. Funny how an image will stick with ya'.

Re: Venthaven Posted by Sonny on Jan 09, 2008
I'm saving up...I want to make this one!
Re: Venthaven Posted by DearMyrah on Jan 09, 2008
lol... I think you'd fit right in, Sonny!
Re: Venthaven Posted by Toon Asylum on Jan 10, 2008
Thanks everyone for all the info..I'm probably going to try and make it out to this one.
Since I didn't get out to the POA convention last year. I live just north of this place in Cincinnati,Ohio.
Would be great to meet and hangout with any fellow PNS members that are planning to attend.
Re: Venthaven Posted by njventguy on Mar 20, 2008
I will be going to Venthaven for the first time this year. I wanted to go several years ago and something came up to prevent it but not this year! I'm really looking forward to it! I have been playing around with puppets all my life and have been doing vent for several years now and want to improve my skills. What better place to do it than Venthaven. It should be great!! I think we should all meet up, the more the merrier!

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