Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by Orindae on Feb 06, 2008
So far I have had two interviews about the puppets from the areas papers and such, and both times I I told them I learned alot from this forum, so yeah I get to give something back to all of ya.
oh heres a funny rehearsal pic-
Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by Orindae on Feb 06, 2008
O.k #4 is done. (excepting for the roots of coarse)

Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by Na on Feb 06, 2008
That's amazing - the sponged green colours look fab-u-lous!
Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 07, 2008
You have done a remarkable job. She will be the center of attraction in the show. What are your plans for audrey afterwards. Will she be yours are will you donate her to theatre. Is it possible that you will lend her out to others instead of sitting in a prop room. I just think with all your hard work and the beauty she posesses that she could go on tour.

I again applaud your efforts and Thank you so much for letting us join you on this journey

Billy D.
Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by Orindae on Feb 07, 2008
well this is a volunteer theater, I volunteered my efforts for the play, the theater is the one that pays for all the materials and such so they basically own the puppets, and they don't actually have room with all the other props they've been building up since the 50's.  so they may just sell them off to another theater, they have two that are interested, possible 1000 dollars for the lot. thats what the cost of the build will round out to. and they just want to at least get there money back. the other idea was to rent them but that would be difficult considering the size of #4.
It is kinda sad for me after all I went through to build them.  I grew alot with this build. but no art piece is forever. and I'm just glad to have filled in a gap in the puppet world for no one that I know of has ever shown the whole build process for audrey II. at least I couldn't find anything.  and I hope it inpires more to do the same with there puppet building projects.

all in all, this forum page will soon be complete, but not just yet, theres still a few more things to post like the #4 with roots attached and the armature tentacle that is suppose to grab an actor. and we will also be making flower head dresses for the actor that have been eatin for the closing act.
we might just get to 5 pages yet.
Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by Rcdspoon on Feb 07, 2008
I'm sorry to hear that your project will be ending soon...I have certianly enjoyed the development process you have allowed us to see...I can't wait to see your final audrey 2 pod... You have done one heck of a wicked job. Congratuations on your work...


Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by LJ on Feb 07, 2008
Thanks for sharing what you have with us!!  We would love to see some pictures from performances if it is possible.  A video clip would be awesome too!!  Again, thanks for sharing!
Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by Orindae on Feb 07, 2008
O.k today we moved the #4 pod over 3 blocks to the theater, we actually had to carry it, but it does come in three pieces so you can fit in to a door.  anyway, it saw it's first rehearsal today and I got to see how it handled with a puppeteer, and eating the actors the get eaten. and I'm happy to say it did wonderfully!!
It did things I did not know it could do. like laugh!  there a couple parts where it has to laugh, and the fact that I used Pvc piping in the structure gave it the flexibility it needed to wobble like it was laughing. props to the puppeteer for figuring out it can laugh. and my worries about it breaking and such when the actors jumped into it, didn't have to worry, it ate them right up with no effort. I have pics of the rehearsal tonight of the 2nd to the last eating sceen when Semour puts audrey into the plant.

Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by Na on Feb 07, 2008
You should talk to the theatre company, and suggest to them to hire out the puppets when the show is over. I know people here in Australia are constantly looking for Audreys, and hiring them out will help keep the theatre company get some return on their outlay on the materials. (Not suggesting that they should send them here though! :P   )
Re: Audrey 2 construction begins Posted by Orindae on Feb 07, 2008
there thing with that is they have little storage space left, and they don;t want to deal with transporting the puppets, because it's so huge.  I would like it if they kept them, then at least I could vistit them from time to time.  I think I'm becoming an emotional wreck over it all.  after all the trials and such I had with the puppets you become very attached. there like my babys.  but as with all children you have to let them go eventually.

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