Marionette project Posted by Gui on Feb 11, 2008
Hello everybody!
This is my a project I've mentioned before:,2705.msg22781.html#msg22781 
and i'd like to share and listen from you all experts and beginers.
This is what I've done so far...

Re: Marionette project Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 12, 2008
Wow very impressive............. It looks like you are very organized and have everything planned out. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Perhaps you could grace us with a step by step marionette puppet build 

Billy D.
Re: Marionette project Posted by Shawn on Feb 12, 2008
How have you connected your marionette to the seat of the uni-cycle?  It looks to be pretty solid.  You well bet a better result if you make it a loose connection with some give.  I use a heavy piece of cord that is sunk into the butt of the puppet and then drawn through a hole in the seat and attached to the cycle.  This gives you just a bit of "wobble" in your puppets performance on the uni-cycle.  Also connnect a heavy line from the front of the seat and the back up to the front and back of the control to help support the weight of the cycle.  You don't want it supported by the lines supporting the weight of the puppet.

Looks really good!  Did you make the uni-cycle yourself?  You might want to think of building them and selling them to other puppeteers.
Re: Marionette project Posted by puck on Feb 12, 2008

what is the body made of?
Re: Marionette project Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Feb 12, 2008
I ride a uni-cycle, this project appeals to me even more.

I can't wait to see more pictures as you progress.....will you be making it a clown or a jester sitting on the uni-cycle.

Daryl H
Re: Marionette project Posted by Gui on Feb 13, 2008
Hi Billy,
A step by step marionotte tutorial was my planing at first, but my english limits me for doing so. For that reason I'm trying to take many pictures of the hole process, so that the pics it self will became explanatory. I hope

Hi Shawn,
I havent connected it yet. But I was thinking about something realy steady like two screws going from the seat to the butt of the puppet. But now I will try to do what you've said besides the stringing advice!  Thank you!!!
I did every thing... The uni I made out of Brazilian cedar wood. It has two bearings and an axis of iron to help the wheel turn. Sure I can make them to sell!!! I need to make some extras $$$$.

The body was made using laminated wood cut in two ways (lateral and dorsal view of the puppet). Then, I glued the two pieces (lateral and dorsal) together and filled it with polystyrene and after I shaped it using a rasp and coated using newspaper and  a especial mass used in fill holes in wood (I don't know the name in english :'( ) The first pic shows the lateral and dorsal pieces of paper I used to cut the laminated wood.

Hello Stiqman,
I will put more pics as I go further. I'm going to a clown. A Jester seems to me a skilled person and what I want is to make fun making someone that might have dificulties (like a fat clown) doing easily without a problem... "Like showing the audience that everything  is possible and easy to do" did you get it? 
Sorry about my terrible english. 
I'll try to do my best to answer all question. So please ask.

Re: Marionette project Posted by puck on Feb 13, 2008
oh yes, that is what I meant, I just didn't explain it fully.

Looks great!
Re: Marionette project Posted by Gui on Mar 10, 2008
My progress so forth...
Now, I can feel his heart pulsing, even though there is a lot of work to do.
I had to make new legs with better knee joints. The old ones were bending to much and they did not allow the cicling moves of the puppet on the unicycle.
Marionettes is just like it. sometimes it takes time to get the results you planned and you have to built and re-built until you get it working properly.
Heads and shoes were made with paper mache. The hands were made with polimer clay (first time with it, notable  ). To connect the head and body I used two screw eyes with a string (It's better than just connecting the two screw eyes together). In my experience, this permits smoother and longer head moves.
*Sorry about my english.
Re: Marionette project Posted by Gui on Mar 10, 2008
As spite.... Does any one here could give me an advise in what kind of material should I use for his hair. I was thinking about a short curly hair...
Thank you all.

*two more pics.
Re: Marionette project Posted by newmodeller on Mar 11, 2008
He looks fantastic!  You could buy hair from a doll makers suppliers, there a number on the web. Alternatively you could buy one of those party wigs and cut out a section from there and then trim it down to size.

They tend to be nylon and are knotted through a polyester net that goes over your own hair.  From what I can remember you should be able to cut out a section without it unravelling and coming apart.


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