Reading counts incentive program Posted by LJ on Feb 15, 2008
I just have to share a bit about what happened after I did a program for the 3rd graders at my local elementary school.  This was a program they could sign up for if they had earned enough reading points, there were about 42 students.  I did parts from a program on friendship and then also handed out peeper puppets and showed them a few things about puppetry.  They were great!  Today a received a packet of letters from the students and that made the whole morning worth more than if I had gotten paid! Many said they were inspired to become ventriloquists and wanted to learn more about magic and puppetry.  Statements like ,"I have been working on my puppet voice." "I did a puppet show for my sister." "I can't wait to learn more, can you come back."  While I would not want to volunteer all my performances, volunteering in this situation was a huge blessing to me and fun for the kids too.  For all you other performers, you might want to contact specific teachers you know and offer your services in this way.  It is good practice time in front of a non-paying audience as well.  Of course, I did attach a couple photos.
Re: Reading counts incentive program Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Feb 15, 2008
It sounds like you had a really rewarding experience with the students.

It is great to hear that students still enjoy the art of puppetry, especially since TV and video games has replaced such a great art form (okay I am a little bias).

Thanks for sharing such a rewarding moment.

Daryl H
Re: Reading counts incentive program Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 18, 2008
How exciting.............. what a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

Billy D.

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