hello Posted by iulian on Feb 16, 2008
   first i have to ask you to excuse my english   if i make mistakes but i am not a verry good english speaker i have just discovered this site and i am verry happy to be in touch with puppeteers from all over the world ...i am a yong (27 years old) fellow and i have dyscovered this art 6 years ago so i am not a beginer ..but  i can not say that i am an expert eighter  . I must say that what i saw here ( on this site) is a lott diferent from what i do ...  what i am used to see in europa    ...anyway it is verry intresting ...and i am learning a lot ...contact me
Re: hello Posted by LJ on Feb 16, 2008
WELCOME!!!  We are glad to have you hear.  Don't worry about your English - you did just fine.  I can certainly relate from the opposite end of the spectrum - when we lived in Africa I was SO bad at the language I gained a new respect for anyone who can communicate in any language other than what they were raised with!  Again welcome and we love pictures here!
Re: hello Posted by Jon on Feb 16, 2008
Welcome to PUppets and Stuff.      We're hear to learn from each other.  I am very interested to know what you mean when you say that the puppets you are used to are different.    Tell us what your puppets are like and if you can share some pictures with us.  Don't worry about you english.  I understood you very well.
Re: hello Posted by puck on Feb 17, 2008
welcome to P&S!
Your english IS really good. I wish I could speak another language as well as you.

What kind of puppets do you make?

Re: hello Posted by dacostasr on Feb 17, 2008
Welcome to the Family....lol

Lot's of good information here, everyone is so willing to share.

Re: hello Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Feb 17, 2008
Great that you found us....I hope that you can post some pictures of your puppets so that we can see what you make.

Don't be shy to contribute or ask any questions we love to help out any way we can.

Daryl H
Re: hello Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Feb 17, 2008
Welcome julian!  We're all glad your here.  Just right in and ask away.  Yes, and please do post pictures of your puppets.

Photos Posted by iulian on Feb 20, 2008
Re: Photos Posted by iulian on Feb 20, 2008
photos of some puppets i play with...not all made by me
Re: Photos Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 20, 2008
Good you got them to upload.............  Now if you could resize them just a bit. they seem a bit large. Here is a free program

Billy D.

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