Gulliver's Travels Posted by Nikole H. on Feb 16, 2008
I have FINALLY decided what play I would like to develop for the community college near my home.  I have access to use one of the lab theaters to put on a production of my choice for pennies since I often volunteer there.  After a LONG LONG LONG time of deciding what play I would like to perform using puppetry, I have decided to go with Gulliver's Travels.  I will be casting from the marvelous talent that the school has to offer.  This will wet my feet in directing and producing.  I have extensive knowledge in scene design and of course will be creating all of the hand puppets to be used in production.  I have decided to use an actor to play Gulliver and then all the liliputians to be puppets and pop out throughout the scene like through doors and windows to disguise the actors manipulating them.  My only problem is..........THE SCRIPT!!!

I have seen one offered online that I would only have to pay $10 for it to be emailed to me but I can't seem to find any more information on it like a sampling.  My concern is that it is too broad of a story.  I would like the script to follow mainly the story of the liliputians and not of all of Gulliver's Travels.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone performed this play?  If anyone has any information to a great script of this play, it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Much Mahalo!
Re: Gulliver's Travels Posted by Nikole H. on Feb 17, 2008
Since I only want the lilliput part of the story, I thought that I could name my puppet production of Gulliver's Travels as Lillipuppet or lillipuppen or lillipupput.  What are your thoughts on a play on words for the title???
Re: Gulliver's Travels Posted by Na on Feb 17, 2008
I know that in 1992, the Melbourne Theatre Co./Handspan produced the show (in Australia). They used bunraku puppets I believe. Maybe someone would have some info on the script - try Peter Wilson (pjw18 @ or Ken Evans (evansabove @
Re: Gulliver's Travels Posted by Nikole H. on Feb 17, 2008
Re: Gulliver's Travels Posted by Na on Feb 17, 2008
No worries - hope it helps. Handspan are no longer around, so I'm not sure how much info you'll get out of either of them.
Re: Gulliver's Travels Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 18, 2008
Sounds like yo have been busy Nikole. Seems like you are by leaps and bounds. Great Job! Got to check out what new in your store.

Billy D.
Re: Gulliver's Travels Posted by Nikole H. on Feb 19, 2008
I have only listed one new item but have a ton of things in the works all the same time.  To top it off, I have decided to write my own script for the Gulliver's Travels puppet play.  I am going to reread the book first and then do my rendition of the portion where Gulliver travels to lilliput.  I have decided to call my play:  Lillipuppet.

I'll be sure to attach a copy of it once I finish it.  It will take me a few weeks to read the book first...HA HA HA...I'm really really slow when it comes to reading...always have been. 

Can't wait to unveil what else I have up my sleeve.  Thanks again for all of your help!

Re: Gulliver's Travels Posted by Jon on Feb 19, 2008
Posted by: PuppetsAndPals on Feb 19, 2008
I have decided to call my play:  Lillipuppet.

I love the name.  I'm currently writing a story of my own which I will then rewrite as a puppet script.  It's a lot of work but just like the rest of working with puppets you just take it one step at a time.

Look forward to seeing the contents of your sleeve
Re: Gulliver's Travels Posted by Nikole H. on Feb 20, 2008
HA HA HA....Contents of my sleeve.  I will be sure to indulge you soon.  Yes, I expect it to be quite a challenge to develop my own play.  I was able to find Gulliver's Travels by the original author online from a free download site.  I just saved it on my desktop and am reading it again with newer eyes on my computer.  I don't think I will be ready by the fall which allows me to get into a script/playwriting class this fall to help me out.  I only have the mere basics of venturing into a large project like this.  I would like to get as much info on this as I can.  I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.  I think that playwriting/script development is hard as it is.....then you add puppets....GEESH!!!  HA HA HA.  I would love to hear more about your show that you are developing, Jon.  I have written a children's book that I am working on getting published that I will turn into a puppet play but I will only be putting it on for free at local bookstores and the zoo since it is an animal based hopes of generating some publicity for the book.  Let's just hope that this one gets finalized with the publisher!!!

For me, writing a story is is the dialogue part that is sooooooooooooooooo hard for me.  That is why I am so nervous about creating a play...especially Gulliver's Travels since it is so well known.  I just think that the idea is perfect for puppets as the liliputians.  Hopefully I can take that script/play development class soon.

Thanks for writing to me!
Re: Gulliver's Travels Posted by Jon on Feb 20, 2008
Dialogure has always been tough for me too.  In fact thats what I'm in the process of strengthening in the stories I already written.  I've heard that its helpful if you can get a friend or two to help you with a table read.  Just sit around a table, each person takes a character and reads the part.  this way you can actually hear the dialogue play out in real time.  Wish I had the option of attendiing a script writing class, but thats not in the time or budget.  Maybe I pick up a book or use the perseverence method.

Good luck

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