how do i make a puppet Posted by jordondavey161 on Feb 17, 2008
i wanna make a moving mouth puppet so i can make a internet show but not sure where to start o to buy 1  or to make 1  not sure what is cheaper can anyone help me how do i make  puppet
Re: how do i make a puppet Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Feb 17, 2008
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff,  we would love to know more about you.  I am sure the gang will be along soon to give you more ideas.

I have one link that I am sure will give you a great start or idea on making a hand in mouth style puppet.

I am not sure if you are looking for a person, monster or animal style of puppet?  Maybe you can give us a better idea of what you want then we can help you better with pattern ideas.

You can also look at many of the members here that make and sell puppets as well as looking on eBay.

Hope this helps and look forward to getting to know you better.

Daryl H
Re: how do i make a puppet Posted by jordondavey161 on Feb 17, 2008
ok well i wanna make human puppets or monster puppets both well firstly i do visual effects but wanted to stop all my work to go into the puppet life so im wanting to make puppets human an monsters puppets can anyone make a vid to show me there puppets or how to make them i want mouth puppets so i cn use them to talk and stuff and

 ive looked at them vids there great but where can i get all the stuff i nedd to make them like can someone do a list to make puppet like in the vids.
Re: how do i make a puppet Posted by jordondavey161 on Feb 17, 2008
i just saw the 

 vids and they said i need all this stuff.

 hot glue gun,hairdryer, fur, hot gluesticks, standy knife, card board, sewing machine, anti filled fleace, red rubber sheet, foam rubber, black velt , pom pom ,brush - cement, scizzors,pen, black velvet stickers,

 thats a lot of stuff maybe i should just buy a puppet and where would i get all them stuff and is the list right, how much will it cost.

 im not sure i can be sold a hot glue gun and i dont have a sewing machine
 im 17 but dont look my age.

 if you wannna see my work pivot,effects,3d,games and more check out

 plz reply to my comment on here
Re: how do i make a puppet Posted by Rcdspoon on Feb 17, 2008
welcome to the gang...there's warm cookies on the mantle and cold milk in the first intro to building puppets was first: the foam book by drew allison and donald devet (find at amazon) and a kids book called "the muppets make puppets  by cheryl henson (it was my kids till their father got a hold of it !!!!!  

1. make sketches of your idea...

2. Go to any fabric store for material...foam you can get online or jo-ann's fabric...craft stores is where you can get things like eyes and hair, feathers, etc....

3. everybody here can send you to a link or two to get what you makes really good hand rods....

4. remember one thing patience and be creative....


Re: how do i make a puppet Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 18, 2008
You'll get the hang of of this in know time.... Yo have come to the right place.

Billy D.

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