excellent puppateer found Posted by Klaus S. on Feb 17, 2008
A while back at Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I saw an act by Buddy Redbow. He's got a cool web site--makes his own puppets--talented ventriloquist! I just wanted to pass the word that here's a talent worth checking out.
Re: excellent puppateer found, correction Posted by Klaus S. on Feb 17, 2008
Actually I meant to say Buddy Big Mountain (Buddy Redbow's a singer).
Re: excellent puppateer found Posted by Sonny on Feb 17, 2008
Here's his link: http://www.nativestars.com/comedians/buddybigmountain/
Re: excellent puppateer found Posted by Puppet-Planet on Feb 17, 2008

I had the pleasure of seeing him in person at the VentHaven Convention my first year attending a while back, though I didn't have the courage to walk up and introduce myself at the time. He is quite a marvel of a person in real life, just one of those people that have an automatic presence about them. I regret not taking the opportunity to talk to him, I haven't been fortunate enough to see him at the convention since.

Re: excellent puppateer found Posted by Henry on Feb 18, 2008
Wow love the song on the site. Had me thinking hay the places are different.
Being Australian I know it with all the places from here listed. So I did a bit of a Goggle and found that the Australian who wrote it made several versions back in 1959. Pretty cool and cleaver don't you think.
Now who do I need to see about changing New York, New York?

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