ToonAsylum Voices Posted by Toon Asylum on Feb 17, 2008
Hey Everyone -
Just thought I'd let you know, I just posted a YouTube video. It's quality is not the best(shot with regular lights, no external mic) But it give you a brief glimpse as to what goes on after they close the doors and lockup the ToonAsylum for the night. I think this is why they make us wear straight jackets all the time...LOL   

Re: ToonAsylum Voices Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Feb 17, 2008
You have some fun characters and voices to go with them.  Are you planning on putting on a show with them anytime soon?

Glad you took the time to share your talents!!

Daryl H

Re: ToonAsylum Voices Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 18, 2008
Great job Toon... I subcribed so I can look at all your vids. Thanks for catching me up on that.

Billy D.
Re: ToonAsylum Voices Posted by Toon Asylum on Feb 18, 2008
Thanx guys...I really need to do something about the's really bugging me. Unfortunately my digital Sony Handycam doesn't have an external mic jack. So, I'm stuck with the built-in mic that's on the recorder. I might have to try over dubbing...that could be comical in itself...LOL

Re: ToonAsylum Voices Posted by Rcdspoon on Feb 18, 2008
over dubbing isn't me on that!!!!  just make sure you match it up perfectly or else your vid can be a disaster!!!
Re: ToonAsylum Voices Posted by Shawn on Feb 19, 2008
As Rcdspoon mentioned dubbing in the voices can be hard.  You might want to try recording the voices as you perform on another system.  The easiest would be directly on your computer via a mic you hook into it. I am sure you have seen shots of movies being made where they use a click board at the top of the scene right?  While in this day and age most movie makers are not relying on that click there was a time where it helped editors to sync up the sound track with the video track.
Re: ToonAsylum Voices Posted by Toon Asylum on Feb 19, 2008
I agree, the idea of over-dubbing just wouldn't be very practical. Through some trial and error, I think I have isolated the source of the's my computer. You see, my computer was running (idle) about 2 feet from where the camera happened to be placed. I have a highend graphics card and processor which both require alot of cooling via internal fans. To my ear it didn't seem all that loud, but i guess to my cameras built-in mic it was picking up quite alot of noise causing much interference. I tried re-recording with my computer turned of...........voila' !!  it was like night and day. Oh and learn I guess.
Re: ToonAsylum Voices Posted by Sonny on Feb 20, 2008
Its great to see your puppets in action!

I have a Sony HD Handcam too. You really have to keep the background noise down when recording. I also do overdubs on to my vids which isnt quite hard depending on you editing software. Noise gates can help with outside sound that are not wanted.

The best way and easiest I have found is to put a track of music or a sound effect in the background lightly, mix the levels to your liking and your set.

If you have any questions I can give you some feedback on the Handycam from what I have learned from. I do know it has a ton, and I mean a ton of memory. The Hard drive is a monster. No offense Dempster...

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