Introducing myself Posted by Erik van O on Feb 19, 2008
Good Morning people!

Well I just stumbled upon this site....
Whilst letting latex-rubber dry on a simple witch's head. Actually I was looking for a way to make latex act more clay-like... (it's dripping all over the place). But now that i've even signed in, even put a picture with my profile, let me introduce myself. My name is Erik. I'm an illustrator/ animator/ sculptor/ puppetmaker. Father of two boys (Kamiel, 6 & Marnix, 4 yrs old), married to Maria and she's a photographer.

I've been drawing, scetching and modelling for about fourty years now. And when I grow up I want to be a puppeteer!

greetings from Amsterdam!

Re: Introducing myself Posted by Rcdspoon on Feb 19, 2008
well...welcome to the gang young man (LOL) name is Spoon and it is nice to have you here...there are lots of people here who like to help and they should be by soon to say hi...until then there's warm cookies on the mantle and cold milk in the fridge...


Re: Introducing myself Posted by Jon on Feb 19, 2008
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff.  We've got puppeteers from all over the world.  I look forward to getting to know you better as we exchange info on puppets and puppet making.  Just to let you know we love pictures here.  Show us your work and we can learn from you and perhaps pass along a tip that worked for us that will be helpful to you.
Re: Introducing myself Posted by LJ on Feb 19, 2008
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff!!  Always happy to meet new family members!!
Re: Introducing myself Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 19, 2008
Indeed Erik we do have mamembers from all over. I would like to welcome you to Puppets and Stuff. I'm not sure what the answer to your latex problem but they are many qualified folks here on just about any subject. We would love to see more of your work and your wifes photography. We love it al here at P&S.

Billy D.
Re: Introducing myself Posted by puck on Feb 19, 2008
welcome to P&S!

is this latex a lquid which you painted onto a structure, or poured into a mold?
Re: Introducing myself Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Feb 19, 2008

We are so glad that you took the time to sign up and provide an avatar.

As everyone stated we are glad to learn and teach if you need that.  As always we do love pictures of any of your work, if you can!

Daryl H
Re: Introducing myself Posted by Toon Asylum on Feb 19, 2008
Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find it to be a wealth of information!!!

Re: Introducing myself Posted by spam on Feb 20, 2008
I just wanted to say Hello and welcome to P&S.
Everyone is welcome here and I look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing your work.

Re: Introducing myself Posted by Sonny on Feb 20, 2008
Great to have you here at Puppets and Stuff. A few of us dabble in latex. I am presently experimenting with a latex and a foam combination puppet. It's messy but the final product is quite interesting. If the latex doesnt eat the rubber, this puppet will last 100

I hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to comment or add any bit of information you would like.

It's great to have kids around when making puppets....they are the most honest

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