"Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by tsu on Sep 17, 2008
Hi there,

I would like to ask any of you who already bought "The Punto Fleece Head Covering Pattern" brought by Project Puppet - there is a note that it must be taken along with "Punto Puppet pattern", why?
I mean, I suppose that one is just an alternate version for foam head with no covering on it, but is it really so necessary to buy them both at once? e.g. "Punto Puppet pattern" explains how to build a head in a general rule and that is not included in the covering pattern but the covering process? Or would I miss something more that is necessary in covering process, e.g. how to glue fleece onto a head?

Maybe my explanation is not perfectly clear, but I really hope you know what I mean.

Re: "Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by puppetbubba on Sep 17, 2008
I haven't bought that pattern yet but it states that it must be used along with the punto head pattern.  I think you can still buy it seperately.  I imagine they put that there so people know that it is just the pattern for the covering, not the entire puppet head.  I put the fleece only covering in my basket and it allowed that.  Not sure what happens on check out.  I am curious to see if you can actually construct the puppet with only the head covering pattern.  Let us know if you do go ahead and get it.

Re: "Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by tsu on Sep 17, 2008
For making just a head I've bought a 'Foam Book' and 2 others Project Puppet's patterns from simple series, so that's why I do not want to buy another one especially that $55 doesn't mean it's cheap.
[I know it's just for covering head with fleece and I need that one ]
Re: "Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Sep 17, 2008
The covering is a separate purchase and yes it only provides a cover for the head pattern.  The material pattern is much different than the foam head pattern.  You could not make the fabric covering using the pattern for the head.....to many seams.  To make your life much easier I would suggest that you buy the fabric covering if you choose to cover it.  You can purchase it later however shipping would cost you more (two shipments instead of one).  I have no connection to Project Puppet just trying to let you know that it is a great pattern and ready made. 

Daryl H
Re: "Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by gav on Sep 17, 2008
I'm a little confused by how this post was worded.  If it's an issue of saving money on the pattern for applying the fleece I would wait until Dr Puppet posts his tutorials.  It will show you how to apply the fleece to most puppets.  It's really a must have.
Re: "Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by tsu on Sep 17, 2008
@gav - it's maybe not about necessary saving on the pattern, because if it is needed to buy them both, I'll do this. I've been just talking about the pattern I need the most - that one for covering the head with fleece. I was wondering if there is any missing information about how to do 'something' with head during the covering process which can be found in another pattern (that one for making a Punto itself). It's quite hard to explain what I've wanted to ask for.
PS. I'm still waiting for DrPuppet's patterns.

@stiqman - I've got their patterns for heads (two of them) so that's why I would need just that one for covering the head with fleece [...and that's why I perfectly know they're great ], I meant that. I suppose they're completely different because the first one, of making a whole body of Punto, it's about foam puppet with no fleece on it (if I'm not mistaken) and second one - just about covering his head with fleece. But maybe you're right, maybe would be easier not to think "I need just that..." and purchase them together.
Re: "Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 17, 2008

Project Puppet has grown over the years and started with three basic patterns Rotondo,Punto, and Ovale. These were designed at first to dye the foam with rit dye which works pretty good. Later they added a fleece head covering for the Rotondo and later the Punto............. I assume The Ovale fleece head pattern will be next.
This has been a on going evolution for Project Puppet......... as customers have ask for new patterns they created them which made them add on patterns.
Just like the simple series patterns started with the glorified sock puppet, with the customers request they keep designing and adding Ad on patterns as needed.
So when designing these patterns they have to be made as add ons because of the time and cost it takes to design the patterns as requested.
I hope this simplifies things a bit.

Re: "Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by puppetlady on Sep 18, 2008
I have all the Project puppet patterns, so I can field any questions you have about them. 

If you were to buy only the fleece head covering pattern, you would NOT receive directions on how to make a whole puppet.  The pattern it just a head pattern - no body, no arms nothing but a fleece head.  The main pattern is what you want.  The fleece heading covering is an add-on.

The foam head understructure for the Punto (in the main pattern) is actually a unusual shaped pattern which looks like a bunny head.  The fleece head covering pattern for the Punto (and Rotundo) looks like the standard Pacman shaped head pattern seen in other puppet patterns so there is only one major seam running down the front of the finished face.  If you used the foam pattern to create your fleece covering you would have many more seams including a seam that runs horizontal under the nose.  The fleece pattern reduces the number of visible seams using the inherent stretch of Antron. 

If you want to make a fleece covered Punto puppet you really need both patterns.  You could in theory buy only the main $55 pattern and make your own fleece head covering pattern by following the tutorial here:

If you make a Punto puppet out of reticulated foam than you only need the main pattern. 

I found it worthwhile to buy the head covering pattern, just so I get professional results, but I have made a fleece covering pattern for the Ovale since one is not available yet.  I'll share that one with you if you are interested.  Ovale is not my favorite head shape though.  I would recommend Punto for your first Forma series purchase.
Re: "Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by tsu on Sep 18, 2008
Guys, thank you for so detailed answers.

@puppetlady - yes, I knew I would buy just a pattern for covering, not for the building a full body. Anyway, I've already purchased both patterns of Punto. Now I hope they ship worldwide (to UK)... but I didn't get any answer with refusal of shipping internationally but confirmation, so I'm quite confident everything is ok.
Bunny shaped head would be something I really need..., so that's good I ordered it, huh.
I know tutorial you are talking about - I've bought the roly and pinhead pattern for making head after I read that one.
Of course I'm interested in Ovale pattern.

Thank you guys once again.

Re: "Covering pattern" from Project Puppet Posted by puppetlady on Sep 18, 2008
We'd love to see the puppets you make, of course.  This group love to see pictures of completed works!

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