Laughter is the best medicine Posted by Henry on Sep 19, 2008
  Today I was at the classy restaurant McDonald's. I believe most of you would be familiar with their fine cuisine. But what may be new to you is the free Puppet shows that they are putting on all across Australia. On the dinner tray of today's meal was a place mat advertising the show. It looks fantastic and good on Ronald for putting the show on for free. Here are the details as they appear on the place mat for all those interested.

More than 3 million Australian children have experienced the laughter, insight and magic of the McDonald's Camp Quality Puppets.

The McDonald's Camp Quality Puppets present an inspiring interactive educational program using life size puppets to deliver a fun and positive message about children living with cancer.

The shows feature four mischievous puppets, Kylie, Matthew, Melissa and Dean who spread their message of optimism, anti bulllying and fun therapy to children across Australia, to heighten awareness of supporting and including others who for a time, may look a little different.

The McDonald's Camp Quality Puppets program has been proudly funded by McDonald's since 1989, enabling more and more children to attend the performances free of charge. This program is an invaluable educational tool for primary school children.

If you want to know more or book a FREE puppet show for your school go to or call Camp Quality on 1300 662 267.

So there you have it, if any one out there lives in Australia I would hope that this post is of benefit to you.

Regards Henry

Re: Laughter is the best medicine Posted by Na on Sep 19, 2008

... Ugh, I'm steering clear.

I used to do temp work in a lab in the Royal Children's Hospital. It would always freak me out to see parents taking their sick kids to the McDonald's in the lobby of the hospital. You have no idea how many kids would eat in there...
Re: Laughter is the best medicine Posted by puppetbubba on Sep 19, 2008
Neat!  I don't live in Australia but it still sounds like a neat idea.
Re: Laughter is the best medicine Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 19, 2008
They don't do there here in my area............... They just have the play areas..................... I wished they would do something like that here.

Billy D.
Re: Laughter is the best medicine Posted by Nikole H. on Sep 19, 2008
LOL...I'm eating it RIGHT NOW!!!  Yes, I am dining with the Big Mac meal...hehe.  It is one of my flaws, I know!  Glad we are on the same wave length Henry.  Yeah, we don't have that at our McD's either.  It's raining today so no playground time for little sad!  I wish we had that puppet show here.  All we have is Lego Batman toys.  We are making a lot of trips to the restaurant because of it.....grrrrrrrrrr!
Re: Laughter is the best medicine Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Sep 19, 2008
What a great way to connect with the community.....and make it very entertaining 

In Canada they have something very much the same.....they go to schools for free, if schools choose to have them in.  They use almost life size puppets with different disabilities such as ones in wheelchairs....missing a leg or some other disability.  The puppeteers use a table and dress in black and put on little shows for sensitivity teaching.  It mainly has volunteers who work with the the end of the show they give all the kids in the audience (they do two classes at a time) a puppet and have them in small groups with a volunteer to talk about being a good friend and acting out what they talk about for the others in the group. 

It is very effective!

Thanks for sharing.....

Daryl H

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