Building up facial features Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 19, 2008
I had a inquiry about a building a hand in mouth puppet character........... I was a Little stuck on answering and thought I would ask your opinion. This puppet is some what a animalistic creature with a egg shaped head, exaggerated lips, and protruding chin. It has the body that much resembles a orangutan.
Here is my question............... for the most I would think that this type puppet might require being sculpted from a block of foam and add build ups of exaggerated facial features. Is it possible to add these extreme features from a standard pattern that uses 1/2 inch foam or would the added weight of rounded cheeks, protruding chin and extreme lips be to much weight and cause the head to be out of balance. I don't have the drawing of the character but just a description. I'm going to start on a prototype this week so I guess it will be trial and error. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience building up facial features using 1/2 foam. 

Billy d.
Re: Building up facial features Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Sep 19, 2008
You could do it either way.  However if you use the 1/2 inch foam you will need some blocks of foam to carve out the features.  The 1/2 inch will not work as easily.  You could also use the Crayola foamy dough as well for features instead of carving out bits of foam.

Daryl H
Re: Building up facial features Posted by Shawn on Sep 20, 2008
You could add some of the features using 1/2 foam perhaps.  For example the cheeks may be able to be two round pieces of 1/2 foam stacked and glued on top of each other. The piece on top would be a smaller "circle" then the one below and then you could take batting and cover it to soften the edges. You might also be able to "pattern" the chin out of 1/2 foam.  Just an idea.  I don't think the balance of the head is going to be thrown off by any additions you add no matter how you do it.
Re: Building up facial features Posted by DrPuppet on Sep 20, 2008
Billy thats exactly the way i build most of mine. Except for most heads I use 3/4 inch foam and use half inch around the mouth as needed.
Re: Building up facial features Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 20, 2008
Thanks guys this is a big help............. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. When you going to have those tuts ready Doc! I think I'm going to need them.

Billy D.

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