fun news Posted by titere on Sep 22, 2008
I just red that, and thought this should be posted here! Just for some fun morning news...

ATLANTA -- A red-tailed hawk, apparently confused by a puppet shaped like a bird, swooped into a Midtown Atlanta parking lot Friday sending two workers ducking for cover.

Jeff Domke and Alan Louis, employees at the Center for Puppetry Arts, were in the facility's parking lot at 1404 Spring Street taking pictures of a puppet designed to look like a brown thrasher, the state bird of Georgia.

The brown thrasher puppet must be pretty realistic because the hawk, a respected hunter, tried to turn the puppet into breakfast.

The hawk, which can reach speeds up to 120 mph in a dive, made contact with Domke on the hand and head before realizing its target wasn't a real bird.

"I suppose the hawk paid us a compliment on Jeff’s design," said Louis.

No human, hawk or puppet was injured.

Re: fun news Posted by spam on Sep 22, 2008
LOL. thats a great story to start the morning off with. it certainly put a smile on my face. would be great to see what the puppet looked like. thanks for posting this.

Re: fun news Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 22, 2008
Wait ...........thats just to funny and I haven't had my coffee yet I'll drink a cup and come back and read this again. I bet this is a story the hawk want tell his grandchildren. lol

Billy D.
Re: fun news Posted by Wisers Mom on Sep 23, 2008
That is just too funny.
I'll bet even his grandchildren will one day even tll their grandchildren!!
If I did drink coffee
I probably would havee sprayed all over the place reading that.

Re: fun news Posted by gav on Sep 23, 2008
I'm a pet sitter and it's funny seeing different reactions from different animals when they see puppets.  Most could care less while others have strange reactions.  I was patching up a hand I redid last night and when I put the puppet away the dog I was sitting for ran away with her tail between her legs.  Then spent the rest of the night watching the puppet from far away.
Re: fun news Posted by Wisers Mom on Sep 24, 2008
My cat wants to be petted by my puppets.I guess she thinks they are really alive.
Re: fun news Posted by gav on Sep 24, 2008
Thats funny mine are the same way =)

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