My 2 latest creations! Posted by spam on Sep 22, 2008
Hiya everybody.
First I'm sorry i havent posted anything for a while, unfortunately i have been rather busy trying to catch up with everything because i injured my back and was out of work for a few weeks. Anyway I'm all better now so we dont need to worry about that anymore.
heres that 2 latest puppets i have made. i was asked to make a Miss Piggy for a girl at my local school. Dont panic everyone, i said i couldnt do that as i would get in trouble. i asked her to draw me a picture and i made the puppet from that. Sadly though i didnt get time to name her before she was collected by a very pleased little girl.
the next is Jean-Claude. has has been made to help teach French to the kids at my local primary school. i have to say i am pleased with how he turned out. i used the costume book to make his beret. a big thanks to whoever posted it here because i would have been stumped if i hadnt found the link here.
anyway thats the fourth puppet the school has asked me to make so i guess they must be going down well. my wife teaches there and she said that the children seem to absorb so much more from the puppets than the teachers!!

hope you like, I'll try not to be a stranger again!
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Re: My 2 latest creations! Posted by Na on Sep 22, 2008
Oh they're so awesome! I'm sure the little girl will love her piggy. And I can almost hear Jean-Claude's french accent; his moustache is what makes it for me.
Re: My 2 latest creations! Posted by brazilnut72 on Sep 22, 2008
The mustache and the soulful look to the eyes are what give it that particularly French look for me.  You can almost see him say "Laissez-nous aller au rendez-vous, ma cheri!"
Re: My 2 latest creations! Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 22, 2008
Great job.......................... I love pink pigs.

Billy D.
Re: My 2 latest creations! Posted by puppetbubba on Sep 22, 2008
Both are great puppets.  Love the girliness to the pig and the french flair to Jean-Claude!  You did a great job.  Which patterns did you use to make the puppets?  Is the pig made from the Roly Simple Series Pattern? 
Re: My 2 latest creations! Posted by puppetlady on Sep 22, 2008
I might just have to make my own Jean-Claude.  He is adorable!  He looks like a Pinhead puppet.
Re: My 2 latest creations! Posted by LJ on Sep 22, 2008
Glad to see that one of the puppets is going to be used to help teach in a classroom!!  EVERY teacher should use puppets!  GREAT job!
Re: My 2 latest creations! Posted by Chris Arveson on Sep 22, 2008
Love them both!
Re: My 2 latest creations! Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Sep 23, 2008
You did a nice job on both to capture the essence of the characters without over doing it.  I love them both....glad that people are appreciating your work and you love doing it.  Thanks for sharing the pictures and hope you keep taking them as you make more puppets.

Daryl H
Re: My 2 latest creations! Posted by spam on Sep 23, 2008
Hiya all,

Thanks for the great feedback. yes the pig is made using the Roly Puppet pattern and Jean-Claude was the Pinhead Puppet pattern. they are great patterns to use and would recommend them to anyone. I'm working on a bee puppet now, i wanted to try to put some step by step photos on here for you to see the progress but i keep getting so engrossed in the work that i forget to take pictures. i've got a few so will post them a bit later.

thanks again.

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