Puppet Mayhem! Posted by puppetfreak on Oct 29, 2008
So for Project Puppet's new Contest I made an Alien puppet named Obey. I took him to school and everyone loved him!!! My 9th grade teacher asked me to make one for his 2 year old grandaughter and asked how much I should charge. I offered $25 for materials and he agreed but my another teacher who was there is told him to give me atleast $30 for labor. I asked for what color and he said lavender. I went to my aunts house to day and my cousins want one each! and My older cousin wants to take Obey for her child development class tomorrow. I said no and now she also wants me to build her one. I want to but how do I price my cousins and Not sure what to do. And it took me forever and no sleep for my one Obey! All I know is that I'm making a new puppet for last year's teacher and it's Lavender. Updates to come!
Re: Puppet Mayhem! Posted by Na on Oct 29, 2008
Congratulations! You should be very proud that your work is so admired that people want you to make some puppets for them!

You should do a search on this site for a thread 'how to price puppets' or something like that. There is a great file there that you can download and use: a puppet pricing calculator. There's also a lot of info on what you should charge.
Re: Puppet Mayhem! Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Oct 29, 2008
I agree you should be flattered that everyone is admiring your work but don't sell yourself short your hard work is worth something.
Here is a thread I started a ways back about fair pricing

Billy D.
Re: Puppet Mayhem! Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 01, 2008
Congrats on your work and admiration from others.  It looks like both Na and Billy have directed you to a great resource to guide you.  Best of luck and try to pop up some pictures of the puppet for us all to see.

Daryl H

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