Lila the Rock Star! Posted by puppetbubba on Oct 31, 2008
Here is my character for the Project Puppet contest.  She was created using the Roly pattern enlarged by 115%. I also used 1" foam in her head instead of 1/2"  I had a good time creating her.  She is such a fun loveable puppet. 

This is Lila, from the planet Puppeto.  She was on her way to an intergalactic rock concert, where she was the opening act.  She loves music, everything pink and sparkly, having fun, is friendly, talkative and is very curious.  Her curiosity got the best of her on her way to the concert as she noticed a shiny ball she had never seen before.  She immediately was sidetracked and went to check it out.  Lila discovered the shiny ball is called earth and is very intrigued by these humans living here. 

She wants to learn all about these earthlings.  She wonders who created them.  How did they get here?  Do they like music?  If so, can she play some songs for us?  How many people live on earth?  Why don’t we all look the same?  What are a mom and dad?  What is family?  Who are friends?  So many questions!  We have invited her to come to church with us to perform a song and learn some of ours to take back to her planet.  She will also be able to ask the kids all the questions she has.  She is extremely excited. Lila finds these earthlings very well made.  She can’t wait to tell them how she was created in the Puppeto factory.  She wants to see the factory the earthlings are made at, it must be huge…… 

Lila d

lila a
Re: Lila the Rock Star! Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 01, 2008
She is Purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect. I love the color pink and it looks like the one inch foam work out good for you. Good Luck with the contest.

Billy D.
Re: Lila the Rock Star! Posted by LJ on Nov 01, 2008
Very nice!!  Love the pink fur!!
Re: Lila the Rock Star! Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 01, 2008
That is one colourful guitar she is playing.....rock on!!

Daryl H
Re: Lila the Rock Star! Posted by miguel on Nov 01, 2008
Its a nice puppet. More knowing that work with fake fur is so delicate!

Good for you, and your work!


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