Working on a site. Posted by Pletoo on Nov 02, 2008
Hello all!
After a busy summer and long absence, I am back. My current project is actually putting together a website. In addition to having a gallery of my work I would like to include links to other puppet sites as well as supplies and other such useful stuff. If anyone would like me to link to their site, please let me know (if you have a logo or particular image that you would like me to use, again, just let me know.) The site will be up and running within the next two weeks and I will be sure to post the link when it is ready.
Re: Working on a site. Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 02, 2008
Thanks Pletoo

Just keep us informed when it is ready............... what size image do you need for the link... ?

Billy D.
Re: Working on a site. Posted by Pletoo on Nov 02, 2008
Pretty much any size can work. I can easily adjust it. I am quite excited about the possibilities.
Re: Working on a site. Posted by Pletoo on Nov 09, 2008
Well, I have my gallery set up, I am still working on making pop-up info boxes for each puppet pictured, but feel free to come take a peek.

I have it set up as part of the Whirled community, which is a new online world of player created content (still in beta testing.) You will find that when you visit the link you will be turned into a little ghostie guest avatar and you can chat and move around. Feel free to explore, you don't have to join, but if you are as intrigued as I was, it is free. Then you can actually make or get a different avatar and set up rooms of your own.

Eventually I will add a resource room with links to other sites as part of a puppetry group I have started there. I hope to make it a hub with links to other puppet sites and galleries. I do hope you will come visit. If you do happen to join Whirled, feel free to leave a comment on the room by clicking on the little blue speech bubble on the bottom. You can also join the whirled group if you wish ( and post in the welcome forums.

Currently, there is a big design contest running on Whirled so I have a few other "rooms" that I have worked on that don't really have much to do with puppets, but again, feel free to explore and see some possibilities for setting up webpages on Whirled. It is actually very easy, no code required, not to mention free with no ad banners, and you can have as many pages as you want.

If you click on the white door, it will take you into another of my rooms. There are a few games and interactive objects scattered throughout the other three rooms. Clicking the green arrow icon at the bottom of the screen will show you some of the things you can click (green highlights go to another room, orange and white are all games at the moment.)
Re: Working on a site. Posted by Na on Nov 09, 2008
Is this a site to promote your business, or just a personal site? If it's the former, I kind of find it a turn off. Mainly because I loaded the page and had no idea of what to do or what to click. It makes it hard to entice people to use a site when they have no idea of what to do next. (No offense... maybe it's cause I've never used Whirled before)
Re: Working on a site. Posted by Pletoo on Nov 09, 2008
Oh - I forgot to mention - if the room is crowded with avatars, just right click on a few and bleep them - that usually helps (same goes if you are experiencing a lot of lag - some of those big animated avatars take a lot of resources.

At the moment, it is not to promote my business because I don't have one. The goal was simply to have a place to display my puppets and hang out and chat. Of course right now there seems to be a whole bunch of people just standing around which does make it hard for a newcomer to see anything. I do apologize.

EDIT:: Ah it seems to have cleared out now.
Re: Working on a site. Posted by Na on Nov 09, 2008
Ah, ok. I just got all confused :P
Doesn't help that I'm also doing three other things...
Re: Working on a site. Posted by Pletoo on Nov 09, 2008
No worries. I was a bit frustrated when the crowd wandered in as well, but it was bad timing on my part. I should have let the typical Whirled "new room to look at" crowd die down before posting here.

I do admit it can be a bit overwhelming at first, and I probably would not use Whirled as a business site (unless they get some things adjusted, which since they are still in Beta is entirely possible.) However, as a social place to hang out and chat and see neat things, it is quite nice, it is also so easy to link to anywhere on the internet that it does make a good place for networking.

EDIT: It might also help if I remembered to unlock the other rooms so that people can explore them. Sorry about that

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