Pelham Puppets Posted by David Leech on Nov 05, 2008
hello Everyone. What a wonderful website this is!
I am based in North Devon UK and I have just re-launched a range of Pelham Puppets designed as an Introduction to Puppetry for children. Other ranges will follow.
There is now the official Pelham Puppets website  - it is still a work in progress - but in the next week or two it will have much more about the company history and earlier puppets.
I also manage the PuppetersUK website which contains a Directory of puppeteers in the UK and news and features pages.

Re: Pelham Puppets Posted by tsu on Nov 05, 2008
Welcome here!
Hm, North Devon, have you said? Quite nearby Minehead, where I was based last 14 months.
Re: Pelham Puppets Posted by Jon on Nov 05, 2008
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff.  I did a search for your site and think I found it ... Nice looking website.  It would be great if you included you web site in your profile then a link to it would automatically show up when you post.
Re: Pelham Puppets Posted by Shawn on Nov 05, 2008
Here is the link to the new site:
Re: Pelham Puppets Posted by Gabriel G on Nov 05, 2008
Welcoem to the forums David! :]
Re: Pelham Puppets Posted by Na on Nov 06, 2008
How funny- David I posted a short note somewhere on this site yesterday mentioning the news about the book, site and new puppet range.

Glad to see you here
Re: Pelham Puppets Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 06, 2008
Welcome....I was sure that I saw that web page but couldn't figure out when or where....good memory but short. LOL

David glad that you took the time to sign up and share some stuff about yourself.  I hope you join us in conversation when you want.

Make yourself at home.....

Daryl H

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