PerformanceSpace122 Posted by Ron G. on Nov 06, 2008
This new member accidentally or intentionally spammed us with five identical posts promoting an upcoming performance at PS 122. After making sure that they were identical I went ahead and deleted four of them. The new member appears to be an intern at PS 122, rather than the performer him or herself. The show looks pretty cool, I wish that I still lived close enough to New York City to see it.

Ron G.
Re: PerformanceSpace122 Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 06, 2008
Thanks Ron !

Billy D.
Re: PerformanceSpace122 Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Nov 07, 2008
I thought that I deleted them myself.  Maybe we were deleting them at the same time.  I checked them as well and only kept the one that someone replied to.

Thanks Ron.  I might had done it wrong.

Daryl H

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