A love for metal sewing machines and their uses Posted by puppetlady on Nov 10, 2008
Like Dr. Puppet, I'm a fan of metal sewing machines.  I have a 1950's black enamel Singer knock-off from "occupied Japan" called "Royal".  I have a Singer treadle machine that an antique non-electric from 1910.  The others three are 70's and 80's, a puce colour Singer, a Viking Husquarvara (Swedish) and a Pfaff Serger (German).

Although I have too many, these machines are getting use.
My daughter Holly, 6 years old, sewed her first quilt on the 1910 treadle machine a few months back.  Peter, age 10, started his first quilt on the 1950 Royal just today.  David, age 5, started his first quilt today sitting on mom's lap using one of my regulars, the Viking Husquavara.  The Singer is being borrowed by a teenager right now, and I used the Pfaff Serger yesterday to sew two pairs of leggings and two shirts for Holly (no pattern, just used clothes from her closet to create patterns).

I love to sew.  I started when I was 3.  Homeschool moms and kids alike have been dropping hints about a sewing class, so I plan to host one in the summer.  My collection of machines will get some use then.  You should see the quilt my Holly pieced.  It's fantastic!  My mom and grandma (also sewers) were impressed.  The kids and I finished enough 9 patches today for the 4 lap quilts (144 pieces total between them) that my mom will complete.

What other kinds of stuff do you guys sew?  Have we seamstresses and crafters among us?
Besides puppets, I like garment sewing and home dec sewing. My mom's quilting hobby means grandkids are supplied with fabric squares for any quilts they want to make.  They sew the strips, she pieces and finishes.  Pete and Holly can also sew simple hand puppets.
Re: A love for metal sewing machines and their uses Posted by Jon on Nov 10, 2008
Wow!!! you have some busy children.  It's great to get them sewing and doing things early.  Even if they don't do a lot with their skills they have them if they need them.

My wife is the quilter in my family.  She does beautiful work.  She has one of those half computer half sewing machine contraptions.  Additionally we have a 1926 Singer treadle machine, a 1951 Singer 301, and another old singer that needs some work for it to work properly.  None of the kids are interested in sew yet but my eldest daughter has started knitting recently.

I learned to sew 14 years ago when I started to get into clowning.  I made my own outfit.  It was fun but I found that a lot of people are creeped out by clowns so I let it fall by the wayside.

Now a days my sewing is directed almost entirely at puppet building, thought the skill are also useful for other things as well.

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