New to story telling Posted by Mr Green Beard on Jan 21, 2005

Hi guys i would like any information anyone has on story telling what it is exactly i have had a few different answers.
thanks in advance
New to story telling Posted by Terrance V. Mc Arthur on Jan 22, 2005
If you want to be pedantic, storytelling is the oral transmission of culture.
Many librarians think it means reading a book out loud and showing the pictures.
Storytelling can range from telling how you got that black eye to recreating a culture from its memories.  It can be one person or a group, with or without props.
Some storytellers tell traditional tales, others tell personal stories, and others bring to life the stories of famous or not-so-famous people.

What you want to accomplish with your storytelling has a lot to do with the kind of storytelling you do and the methods you use.

Ask more questions...we'll all learn.
New to story telling Posted by Mr Green Beard on Jan 22, 2005
Thanks for your reply. What did you mean by methods. Is there anywhere you can suggest for me to have a look. I live in brisbane asutralia. Even a good book or web site.
New to story telling Posted by Shawn on Jan 22, 2005
You can find a bunch more if you Google "Storytellers"

List of storytellers in Brisbane

Storytelling Books On Amazon
The above link should give you a pretty long list of books available through Amazon that are on Storytelling.

Here is a linkt to a neat answer to your question.  
What is storytelling?  
New to story telling Posted by Terrance V. Mc Arthur on Jan 22, 2005
The major storytelling organization in the USA is National Storytelling Network
New to story telling Posted by Terrance V. Mc Arthur on Jan 23, 2005
Here are a few books that focus on storytelling as an art:

Cassady, Marsh.  The Art of Storytelling. Merriwether publishing, Ltd., 1994.  I just found this one, but it seems to cover a wide area of concerns.

Davis, Donald.  Telling Your Own Stories.  August House, 1993.  Marvelous storyteller (very willing to answer silly questions from newbies) deals with using personal stories.  August House is more-or-less the publishing arm of the National Storytelling Network.

MacDonald, Margaret Read.  The Storyteller's Start-Up Book.  August House, 1993.  How to find, learn, perform, and use folktales.  MacDonald has a number of excellent books on storytelling.

Moore, Robin.  Creating a Family Storytelling Tradition: Awakening the Hidden Storyteller.  August House, 1991.  Another one I hadn't read before, but I'm impressed with what I've skimmed through.  A very practical book on the subject.

Pellowski, Anne.  The Storytelling Handbook.  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1995.  This book is aimed at school-age children, providing simple instruction and the answer to basic questions (What happens if I forget part of the story?).  I really like this lady's books, including The Story Vine (CollierMacmillan, 1984), The World of Storytelling (H. W. Wilson, 1990), and The Family Storytelling Handbook (CollierMacmillan, 1987); she shows how to do a lot of what I call 3-dimensional storytelling, using physical objects as part of the story (a red bandana becomes Little Red Riding Hood's hood, Grandma's bonnet, the Woodcutter's cap, and the Wolf's kerchief).
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Storytelling to me is making each page come to live with your voice or character or puppet !
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Looks like everyone has covered the answer to your question.......... So I'll take the previledge to Welcoming you to Puppets and Stuff. I love the way you just jump right in. I do hope you stick around and join in with our happy little group.

Billy D.

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