Questions about Library Performances Posted by Angel in Tx on Jun 20, 2010
A library has asked us to do a puppet show.  This is something I've thought of, but never really sought out.  All of our songs/skits are Biblical in theme.  We would have to write new stuff and there really isn't much time to practice.  What would you do?  I have to ask my team if they are willing to do this. I'll ask them today.

I don't like the thought of just throwing something together.  I want it to look good.  Any ideas on scripts/songs without having to write them ourselves?  I don't really have time for that.  Although if we did a fairy tale or something we could certainly make it our own, using the basic story. 

As far as our puppet team being a ministry, I still feel like this would be part of it.  I don't feel like if we don't do a Bible themed show, that we aren't fulfilling our purpose.  Getting out there and being seen will help us to accomplish that.

I don't really know if I'm even asking the questions I really wanted to!  My mind is spinning with ideas, possible problems and needs! LOL

I just need some input.

Re: Questions about Library Performances Posted by Shawn on Jun 20, 2010
Fairy tales always work for things like this. If you wanted to develop more down the line you can always try to set up collaborations with the authors of children books. One way you can present things like this is to have a story teller who reads the book out front and then the puppets either act out different parts you read or the respond in some way to what you are reading.

I regards to your worries about rather you are still ministering or not, there are a multitude of ministries out there that are not specifically focused on teaching the bible. Often times they are simply offering a badly needed service to the community. Don't forget that the best teacher is example.    I must confess though that my view is not typical one and that your church may not have the same one. It might be best to ask your minister about this and if he thinks it would be ok.
Re: Questions about Library Performances Posted by LJ on Jun 20, 2010
First of all I would ask tell the librarian that all your current shows have a Biblical theme and is that acceptable - if they are uncomfortable with a Bible theme tell her that you would like a little time to work something up since you do not want to just "throw something together". Taking a familiar story and adding a twist would be great fun and something your team would enjoy as well as the children. I bet you would find that once you started thinking there would be lots of ideas that you could go with.
I agree with you that ministry can encompass everything you do even if you cannot "proclaim the Gospel" with words - just sharing love with children by being there for them is ministry. Probably 90% of what I do is in secular venues like libraries and schools and I cannot talk about who Jesus is but, as a Christian, I feel that simply taking time for the children to give them a show which talks about the importance of reading or character or whatever the theme happens to be is still something that Jesus would call ministry because I am "welcoming the little ones" (like He says in Matthew 19:14).  God is so much bigger than me and I think I limit Him if I feel that the only time I am doing ministry is when I am actually talking about Him - I am also responsible to be trustworthy so if I am asked to do a show with no gospel message but I try to "sneak in the gospel" I have then broken trust and give the message that Christians cannot be trusted. God doesn't want that!! Have fun!!!
Re: Questions about Library Performances Posted by Angel in Tx on Jun 20, 2010
Thanks, you both helped me.

I did talk to my crew today and they are willing to put in extra practice and work.  I have to return the call to the librarian tomorrow and I will know more about what type of show they are looking for.

I may be back with more questions as we go.

Thanks again!
Re: Questions about Library Performances Posted by MsPuppet on Jun 20, 2010

Does your team have any skits/songs about things such as kindness, good morals/character, etc.?  Any of those should work in a library, and you are still ministering - teaching good things, without doing a Bible story.
You may be able to take some skits you have and re work them just a bit if they are about topics like those above.

One Way Street has a section on their web site called "school programming."  Lots of good things there.
Re: Questions about Library Performances Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Jun 20, 2010
I would probably skip asking the library about bible stories and go with kindness, giving, thoughtfulness stories (such as MsPuppet said) that apply to everyday living....since the community library is very diverse in beliefs and culture and your production should reflect that.  

Daryl H
Re: Questions about Library Performances Posted by Angel in Tx on Jun 21, 2010
Y'all are right and give good advice.  I took Shawn's advice and asked my pastor first and he was very positive.  I did talk to the library lady and she requested a "non-religious" program like Daryl says, since the kids attending will be from all types of backgrounds.  But she said we could hand out any cards or papers that we would like telling who we are, where we are from etc.  So we will be putting together a show with a moral, using some stuff we have and revamping a bit like MsPuppet suggests.

We also can do some black light in the room we are performing in and we already have a few things that are suitable for this venue.  Now we just have to come up with a theme.  The libraries summer reading theme is like a reading express train, so we will just be a "stop" along the way.

Thank you all for your prompt replies!   
Re: Questions about Library Performances Posted by MsPuppet on Jun 21, 2010
Using the train theme brings so many ideas to mind.  A conductor that starts off each segment (performance).  Conductor caps and bandannas for the conductor or for each puppet.  Sound effects (you can find train whistle sounds to download), and so on. Make props that look like train cars, adding one for each performance (puppet heads show through), maybe labeling each one with the moral you are teaching for the week.

This sounds like lots of fun!  Would love to see some video of the performances.
Re: Questions about Library Performances Posted by LJ on Jun 21, 2010
Please keep us posted as you develop this! It sounds exciting and using black-light will certainly be a highlight for all the kids attending!!! You may be opening a whole new door for your team!!
Re: Questions about Library Performances Posted by Angel in Tx on Jun 22, 2010
My daughter and I sat down last night to brainstorm.  We have one blacklight song we have been working on and  thought it could work.  So we settled on a theme of friendship and accepting those who are "different".  We are using a couple of scripts we got from 

The song we already have is called "Let it Roll".  It is by a Christian group but it it's a fun song about not worrying about what others say.  And then I think we'll use the "You've Got a Friend In Me" song from Toy Story. We are also using the Ugly Duckling Story retold in our own way.

I won't have to make anything except the props for the ugly duckling story so I'm happy about that!

Now, to make this all flow together and assign parts!

I'll keep you updated.

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