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Puppets in kids Sunday School classes Replies 6

Posted by baedaebok on May 19, 2013

Who uses puppets in kids Sunday School classes?   My wife and I do this and are wondering about other peoples' experiences.Sometimes the kids in the Sunday School class come with…

I need some help for teaching puppet making. Replies 26

Posted by AWS Puppets on Feb 08, 2012

So I was asked by my play director if I could teach a class this summer on puppet making. I figured something like the glorified sock puppet but that wouldn't be an appropriate for some of the…

teaching puppetry in school Replies 16

Posted by TerryPrice54 on Aug 06, 2011

I was thinking about teaching puppetry in public schools. Does anyone have any good ideas for me that might help?

Puppetry may not be appropriate for ages 2 and under Replies 41

Posted by TerryPrice54 on Jul 22, 2011

I have done puppetry off and on for over thirty years and have had difficulty in performing in front of children at the age of 2 and under.  It seems that, generally speaking, children under the…

artist workshops Replies 3

Posted by LJ on Mar 09, 2011

Okay - I have to show you more pictures from the two days of puppetry workshops I did in Nebraska this week.  Over the past two weeks I guess I have taught close to 400 students how to make…

library program yesterday Replies 7

Posted by LJ on Nov 09, 2010 had a very exciting show last night.  You can click on the link to read the article and watch the video…

adhesives Replies 9

Posted by LJ on Oct 02, 2010

After my week long residency I have a question for all of you who have been doing stuff like this much longer than me.  I tried to make the puppets easy to make with just Tacky glue and staples,…

Questions about Library Performances Replies 18

Posted by Angel in Tx on Jun 20, 2010

A library has asked us to do a puppet show.  This is something I've thought of, but never really sought out.  All of our songs/skits are Biblical in theme.  We would have to write…

one month of puppet making Replies 9

Posted by MissElly on May 17, 2010

Sunday was exactly one month since I created my new blog for my puppets and now I have a happy family in my living room.Missing from the family picture are three little pigs and the big bad wolf, Tom…

going public Replies 14

Posted by MissElly on May 08, 2010

Hi all,Now you saw my puppets, and I can add more story characters anytime. My question to you is how should I approach daycare centers and kindergartens I have in my neighborhood with my puppet…

kids say the darndest things Replies 4

Posted by LJ on Jan 22, 2010

Just had to share something totally adorable.  I did a show at a local preschool today and one of the little girls raised her hand and said, "Mrs. Puppet Teacher..."  Now THAT is a…

artist in residency puppets Replies 20

Posted by LJ on Nov 28, 2009

I have an audition with the Iowa Arts Council on Wednesday for the performing and teaching rosters, so I have been busy working on my audition plan.  I wanted to post a few pictures of some…

Finger Puppets Replies 6

Posted by Bhanu on Mar 02, 2009

Hi,I made a set of 5 finger puppets as a gift for a two yr girl for her birthday last week...these are also useful tool for early childhood education. CheersBhanu

my first book Replies 12

Posted by LJ on Feb 12, 2009

Hey everyone I wanted all of you to be the first to see the cover of my new (and first) children's book.  I embarked on this publishing trail to enhance my programs - of course I now need a…

hat jokes Replies 6

Posted by LJ on Feb 07, 2009

Once again I am in need of some jokes - this time about hats!  THANKS in advance!  You all are the best - I couldn't write my shows without your help!!

rope jokes Replies 5

Posted by LJ on Feb 03, 2009

Okay all your joke and riddle experts - I need a few ideas again.  I have a Blue and Gold banquest to perform for and need a few rope jokes.  I am planning to use the one about the rope…

Let's start at the beginning .... Replies 12

Posted by amybeth on Jun 19, 2006

It is my opinion that there is a difference between EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT.  Having stated that opinion let me share that if you are interested in optimizing your performances for students…

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