Puppets in kids Sunday School classes Posted by baedaebok on May 19, 2013
Who uses puppets in kids Sunday School classes?   My wife and I do this and are wondering about other peoples' experiences.
Sometimes the kids in the Sunday School class come with diverse backgrounds.  We don't want to offend or distract any kids but we want to open their hearts & minds.  Many of the online puppet scripts introduce concepts about JC or finding truth in life.  But we want such a source of puppet scripts that reveal the truth through story-telling, etc. but doesn't use explicit language.

Where can I find this kind of puppet script?
Re: Puppets in kids Sunday School classes Posted by Shawn on May 19, 2013
http://www.puppetresources.com has over 1000 free scripts that have been uploaded by other users. While not exclusively faith based scripts, many of them are.
Re: Puppets in kids Sunday School classes Posted by baedaebok on May 20, 2013
I've downloaded and adapted many puppets scripts from http://www.puppetresources.com .  But I'm looking for faith-based puppet scripts that tell a faith-based story or truth indirectly without using any words that may offend or distract the kids (e.g., hot words: Jesus, God, gospel, church, faith, repent).  Using words that are commonly used in secular stories is OK (e.g., love, hope, forgive, compassion, mercy, charity, patience, etc.).  The meaning must be clear but without using any "hot words".   
Re: Puppets in kids Sunday School classes Posted by Chris Arveson on May 24, 2013
I have found very few scripts that do what you have described. I found it very frustrating, most of the scripts that I found weren't much more than talking heads preaching to each other and the audience. I think that you could probably adapt children's story books, even if they seem distant from Sunday School. The Berenstain Bears books come to mind, they have definite story lines and are often lessons for life as well. Just because the stories are written about bears doesn't mean that they couldn't be portrayed as other creatures, including humans. It's the story that counts.
Re: Puppets in kids Sunday School classes Posted by Gail on May 25, 2013
One of my last puppet team was a great writer of scripts that kids, adults and even the puppeteers loved.  She said she may write a book of her scripts.  She tried to put herself into the shoes of the young child who sometimes does not understand large words and does their best to interpret them in some funny ways then the Adult has to explain in kid language what the hard words mean.  We found that very young kids like a lot of familiar repetition, although that is annoying to older folks.  Their attention spans are so short so you have to reel them in every couple of lines with some type of device to refocus their attention like asking them to reply to something.  The puppets that form a relationship with the kids work better than the "talking heads" who don't seem to know the audience is even there.
Re: Puppets in kids Sunday School classes Posted by Monkey on May 25, 2013
 . I used to get my scripts from One Way Street. I wonder who is selling them now? The kids loved them. Also there is llenas? Publisshing but check their books carefully as they vary in quality.
Re: Puppets in kids Sunday School classes Posted by MsPuppet on Aug 13, 2013
One Way Street is now Creative Ministry Solutions, and still sell the same stuff.  The old Puppet Productions used to have scripts like you mentioned. They were written to be used ina public school/library setting (where references to God is not always allowed). Our church has a lot of their old script/cassette sets they plan to sell, if you are interested. I do not know which ones they are )     I have used a lot of books and adapted them.  There is a series about lying, stealing, respect... that we've used. I will have to check the author/publisher.

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