12v Electronics for beginner Posted by milly on Jan 09, 2015
Hi I am venturing into 12v system if feasable for eco events puppet tricycle and mobile trailer for events. I have limited knowledge of setting up such things and trying to do it on a limited budget here in the UK.
I would like to be able run 3 wireless clip mics and the bits required. I presume amp transmitter and receiver for mics, mixing desk?. I am able to set up solar charging system for 12v batteries but never tryed to keep the whole thing 12v if at all possibe.
Anyone done this or know how
many thanks
Re: 12v Electronics for beginner Posted by Shawn on Jan 09, 2015
Wow sounds like an ambitious project. Can't say I have any real guidance for you on this one.  I always just look for inexpensive mobile systems already set up and everything I've used has always been corded requiring power.  There are a multitude of chargeable blue tooth speakers out there now designed for use with iPods and I wonder if something like that might be something that could be incorporated. I am also in the US so not sure what would be available to you in the UK.

I hope that pagestep007 aka Philip sees your post.  He lives down in Colombia and has a gift when it comes to DIY projects. In fact you might want to have a browse of his YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/philipstephens007  Could be he has already done a video on something that may give you inspiration. I did a quick scan and did not see anything specific but that does not mean there isn't anything. You won't regret having a look I am sure.
Re: 12v Electronics for beginner Posted by Shawn on Jan 09, 2015
Hmmm... give these search results a try over at YT: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=12+volt+sound+systems
Re: 12v Electronics for beginner Posted by pagestep007 on Jan 16, 2015
Ha ha,  Shawn, That's quite a compliment...  My advice is to check out locally what you can get. It is possible to have an entire system run on batteries, but its not that usual. I have a small computer speaker system that runs with 6v dc ( and I did even have a  'Barbie Karaoke' system that worked, but not loud enough to be useful in a live performance. Wireless mics will need batteries to be able to transmit to the receiver, and then the receiver and amp setup you will have to see what is available. You can get small amps like for guitars that run on batteries. If you make amps and things, it gets really complicated trying to get schematics and finding the components and getting it all to work. (scary stuff). You could go another route and get normal mains power operated  equipment and then invert your battery power to that voltage. Anyhow... I tend to be like you Shawn. Let the experts assemble  robust and cheap systems, and use them.
Re: 12v Electronics for beginner Posted by milly on Jan 18, 2015
Well I took the advice of pagestep007 and now have a QTX QR12PA I found on ebay about 70 miles from where I live which was also on route where I had to deliver a car so went and picked it up. I shall have a play with it tomorrow.
Re: 12v Electronics for beginner Posted by Shawn on Jan 19, 2015
I looked up what  you purchased... Looks really cool! Love that it comes with wheels and a handle like luggage.  You'll have to let us know how it works out for you.  In all the pictures I saw the wireless mics that came with it where hand held.  Is that what you got or where you able to get it with head mics?
Re: 12v Electronics for beginner Posted by milly on Mar 14, 2015
I have one head mic with it and will buy another two when funds pemit Shawn. I had issues with one hand held mike that stopped working and a sticky button for turning on the power for the vhf side of things but with a bit of jiggery pokerry it works ( just a weak spring so have pull switch out last bit to turn of or wont click back in proper. 

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