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Looking for advice on lights Replies 1

Posted by momtso on Jun 10, 2019

Greetings to all masters of puppets out there!I have a question about the lighting setup needed for a performance. Me and the wife we have a puppet group here in Greece and we’re staging Pinnochio.…

Kuroko Puppet Show? Replies 5

Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 10, 2018

Anybody have experience doing Kuroko? Will a black background and black body suit suffice? I assume lighting will be critical but has anyone done a live show in this style?

Overhead vs Eye Level Replies 7

Posted by MarownIOM on Jun 21, 2016

Maybe there is a term for this style difference in Puppeteering -- sorry I don't know it."Overhead" -- sitting/kneeling/standing with your puppet over your head. …

Pyrotechnics Puppet Size Replies 4

Posted by Hampuppets on Dec 30, 2015

Hi all,This may sound quite ambitious but I wondered if anyone had had any experience with using pyrotechnics within a puppet show. For example, like in a panto where a fairy enters and you get a mini…

12v Electronics for beginner Replies 6

Posted by milly on Jan 09, 2015

Hi I am venturing into 12v system if feasable for eco events puppet tricycle and mobile trailer for events. I have limited knowledge of setting up such things and trying to do it on a limited budget…

Workshop lighting suggestions Replies 2

Posted by Na on May 13, 2014

I have decided that with a bit of my fundraising money I'd set aside some for a decent light in my room. The room itself is lit by a single warm and dim lamp from the ceiling and I never open my…

Segmental Pediment Math Replies 13

Posted by C16thFoxe on Aug 02, 2013

Want to draw up a template for a segmental pediment to adorn the top of a puppet booth I'm building. But I have forgotten my math  .The base is 37.5 inches and the height is 12 inches.…

Another useful stage design Replies 2

Posted by Na on Apr 26, 2013 sets!

Portable shadow puppet screen Replies 17

Posted by Na on Apr 23, 2013

Just discovered this: the photos, the woman 'wears' a…

Need a DIY Prop Rack? Do you use them? Have any good designs? Replies 13

Posted by Patmur on Feb 08, 2013

We mostly have signs behind the stage with us but do have other miscellaneous objects.  All of our puppets are on a puppet "tree" we made from pvc. Does anyone have any good designs or…

Star Wars themed shadow puppet box Replies 5

Posted by Na on Jan 27, 2013

Just had to post this, it's an amazing free download to make your own R2D2 shadow puppet theatre:

Styrofoam/Duct Tape Stage "Pieces" Or??? Replies 5

Posted by Patmur on Jan 23, 2013

Hi, Our puppet ministry uses styrofoam pieces, about 6" tall by 2 to 4 feet wrapped in duct tape, to stand on for height adjustment for performances.  Being a youth ministry we have a lot of…

Now this is a self contained puppet show! Replies 7

Posted by Shawn on Mar 11, 2012

Nikole posted a link to this over on FB and I wanted to share it with everyone here.  This is a very cool puppet set up.  They even provide their own seating!

Placing puppeters behind the stage Replies 0

Posted by TerryPrice54 on Aug 05, 2011

I find it best, when using two puppets, to have the puppeteer on his left to have the puppet on his left hand and the puppeteer on the right to have his puppet on his right hand. (Left on left and…

My first puppet stage and puppet Replies 5

Posted by TerryPrice54 on Jul 30, 2011

Black light placement Replies 4

Posted by janinelee on Apr 14, 2011

What has everyone found to be the best placement for blacklight performances not done behind a curtain?  We have used ours on the floor in front of us.  Also, about how many blacklights do…

Stage Height Options and rolling around Replies 18

Posted by davidm1969 on Apr 04, 2011

OK - so, I have a few questions. I'm considering a simple and easy stage design that Noreen Young features in her video for a puppet stage that is built to the puppeteer's height.I'm…

Music? Replies 1

Posted by working.lights on Dec 05, 2010

What music/songs do people just love to use as stand alone skits or as a routine in their show? Just a curiosity really:I performed 9-5 Dolly Parton with a puppet on green screen and then put it in a…

Lighting using LED Technology Replies 23

Posted by working.lights on Dec 05, 2010

Hi guys,As a lighting designer I am always looking at what is current technology in the world of theatre. What is fast becoming very popular is LED Technology they would be great for use with puppets…

building a traveling stage Replies 18

Posted by LJ on Nov 24, 2010

The city just approached me about wanting to build a portable Punch and Judy type stage that can be easily set up and taken down and even put on a wheeled cart to pull through the parade at our town…

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