Tips for getting the most out of fourms Posted by Shawn on May 10, 2006
Someone posted this link on another forum I frequent and I thought it really did make sense.  It is an article of sorts on how to use a forum.  They are general guidelines and every forum is a bit different but most of what I saw there really was universal.  Some of the things they suggest are habits I developed just by instinct. Some of them remind me of things I learned in english class.

Tips For Using Any BBS, Forum or Newsgroup

If you can think of any tips for folks that may be specific to P&S please feel free to add them to this post.  I am going to make this a sticky post so it will always be at the top of the Announcements forum.

Forum Tip #1 Posted by Shawn on Sep 01, 2008
I notice that many folks well sign there post with their real name form time to time. I am a big beliver in this and prefer to reply to someone using their Name as opposed to their Username.

In your Profile. You can actually set your Name which well then be used as a display on your post and such.  I've mentioned this in the past but think it is worth stating again.  You find the option to do this under Account Related Settings.  You still use your Username to log in but folks won't know what that is... bet you can't guess what mine is.

The other handy thing you can do while you are in the Profile section is jump over to Forum Profile Information and add a SignatureSignature  show up under each of your post and if you add your Name there you don't have to type it each time. You can add a bit of other information about your self there also if you want but do keep it short.  We don't want the Signature to over shadow the actual post. 
Re: Tips for getting the most out of fourms Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 01, 2008
Shawn I tried to find the archived post you did on proper etiquette when posting in forums. I thought that was a interesting article at the time you posted. Maybe you can find it, Others may find it just as interesting.... I think I posed the question to you at a earlier time when I first joined and you relpied with the post. I thought it was very good. Do you remember?  This is a good article to.

Billy D.
Re: Tips for getting the most out of fourms Posted by laugheagle on Feb 07, 2009
Hug, Shawn,

   Thank you for the guidelines and all you and several others do!

Blessings...              luv, Jessie

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