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November Site Migration Replies 2

Posted by Shawn on Sep 17, 2019

Yes we are finally moving to a new system and set up.  I know I've been saying this for some time but the process of coding in order to comply with current standards is a long and tedious…

Photobucket Images Replies 4

Posted by Shawn on Jul 07, 2017

Just noticed that photobucket is now charging folks to hotlink to their photos. It means  you are going to be seeing a lot of alternate images in some topics where folks have used their service.…

Looking Forward Replies 7

Posted by Shawn on Jun 20, 2017

I am starting the process of migrating the site to a new system and server.  Don't panic this is going to take me some time.  The new system is going to be very different from what we…

Puppets and Stuff at Facebook Replies 19

Posted by Shawn on Jan 10, 2011

Well I finally bit the bullet and created a Facebook page for Puppets and Stuff!  It always seemed a bit repetitive to me to have pages on other sites for Puppets and Stuff but it is just a great…

Tips for getting the most out of fourms Replies 3

Posted by Shawn on May 10, 2006

Someone posted this link on another forum I frequent and I thought it really did make sense.  It is an article of sorts on how to use a forum.  They are general guidelines and every forum is…

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