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Re: Star Trek puppets I made for wedding present Posted in Star Trek puppets I made for wedding present on May 17, 2014
Does one need to get married to have such great puppets gifted ? Lucky couple!
Re: Please help me Posted in Please help me on May 17, 2014
HI Na, I have been following your life story for a while. I echo a lot of your experience. I can say though, that you  have quite a straight head on your shoulders. You analyse things very well, you can spot pitfalls, and have quite an objective view, although to some, it may not seem like it due to your situation and the stress you are under. I think you have a good head on your shoulders and hope that you can bring it all together into something that will work for you. I'm sorry I am not much help...but as The Puppet Workshop said... chin up.
Re: What actually happens with dennis Posted in What actually happens with dennis on May 08, 2014
GREAT!. You have a great rapport, a chemistry going between you. Do some more.(I knew from the  start there was an Aussie connection)
Re: Green Screen Test Posted in Green Screen Test on Apr 06, 2014
I think you have done pretty well.  practice, practice, practice and experiment.
Re: Has the scene slowed down some lately? Posted in Has the scene slowed down some lately? on Apr 06, 2014
I agree. FB is very superficial.I had this discussion with a group I am supposedly part of, it was pretty big considering the market, then facebook was suggested, and it all but died. When the owner came to shut it down, I suggested we continue, and they were surprised by the numbers still there. It seems everyone thought everyone else had migrated to FB , but that was not true, and they just stopped talking , thinking there was no-one there, but there were...Now that group struggles as the software is buggy and not maintained much. There is substance here on PAS. and good archival stuff.It caters for all levels of expertise and interest. Keep it up Shawn.
Re: Portrait Of a Friend Posted in Portrait Of a Friend on Mar 29, 2014
Nice vid. You should ask  your artist friend to do a portrait of  millie.
Re: Winter Fun With Patsy Hoolahan Posted in Winter Fun With Patsy Hoolahan on Mar 08, 2014
last night it got a bit nippy here, I think it got down to 11 degrees celcius.. He he... had to put a sweater on. It  looks like Patsy and those little pigs are having quite a ball. Poor Aunty(hope she gets better soon). Good to see Millie trying to get out and be sociable (like her headgear). and yes, I think everyone should gang up on Kooky and get some payback.
Re: Patsy's Back! Posted in Patsy's Back! on Feb 07, 2014
Welcome back Patsy. What an honor to  be written into  one of Millie's songs. Thank you.
Re: Workshop / Storage ideas Posted in Workshop / Storage ideas on Jan 17, 2014
Wow, I am a bit like ArthurS. My wife´s world is the room above my cave...all books lined up on shelves, all tidy , all organized, all neat...mine is exciting. The sewing machine is  30cm from the computer. patterns are 50 cm to the right of the computer, sharing shelf space with  miniature making materials, cloth is in bags in under over around, the place where they fit, depending on  how production is going, hair loom is beside sewing machine, hair wefts across the other side of the room... and then most actual construction happens in the patio, where it is a shared flexible space shared with the rest of the family....
Re: Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, premieres Tuesday, March 25 at 10 p.m. ET Posted in Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, premieres Tuesday, March 25 at 10 p.m. ET on Jan 11, 2014
Lola = lol.a