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Simon Cowell look, Reconstruction, Makeover Verna´s Puppet Posted in Simon Cowell look, Reconstruction, Makeover Verna´s Puppet on May 18, 2013
Hi Everybody!
I,v been really busy, working in Another reconstruction. This time The order came from U.K., it's A Verna's male puppet. My client Wanted To be restored, but also Wanted a make over To Look Like Simon Cowell, with a red comíc tan. It was a huge challenge, because This puppet is 20 years old, or more, and had lot of issues On The fabric, holes and stains, and Even inside The puppet, broken feet, hands, etc.. At my Gallery: you can find the before and after pictures and the final result  
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Restoring or rebuilding a soft puppet Posted in Restoring or rebuilding a soft puppet on Apr 23, 2013
Hi puppets and Stuff friends!
I,m a fan and Verna's disciple of art and technic.
Recently i I had The lucky To buy An original Verna Finley's puppet, signed from 1995.
Almost 20 years of puppet beeing used professionaly buy An. european performer.
When The puppet arrived To My hands was a completly headache, because was full of  stains, and a lot of work and repairs To do.
But i New i could give her a New life!
Those last 5 years i,v Been working hard building puppets, so i,v decided To use all My expirience and do it.
My worry was To respect all The original materials  and shapes On The puppet.
And that was My concerned, and spent many days working On The details.
I,m so Proud of The result! She is know  completly new.
No stains, no broken things! All repaired!
Two weeks working On The extreme Makeover, and finally she is done!
And she is amazing!!!!!
Wanted To share This project with all of you.
And now i,m sure  i can repair and rebuild any Verna's Puppet.
I don,T know if you are interested To see some pictures, if so let me know!
Best wishes To all!!!
Re: Mary Ann Taylor (MAT Puppets) Posted in Mary Ann Taylor (MAT Puppets) on Mar 18, 2013
Hi! Yes sometimes i use The same techniques, but not in all caracters, i use The scissors not To cut but To sculpt The foam.
It talkes a lot of hours for a Nice finishing, but The result it's a unique puppet.

Best wishes
Re: Zombie... Posted in Zombie... on Feb 17, 2013
Great detailes loved The hands!
Re: New Lynx Puppet Posted in New Lynx Puppet on Feb 16, 2013
Thanks for sharing  Shunaka!  I,m really curious about The Video

Re: My You Tube Channel :) Posted in My You Tube Channel :) on Feb 14, 2013
Great work!
Re: Hello From Argentina! :wave Posted in Hello From Argentina! :wave on Feb 09, 2013
Welcome, Bienvenido!
Re: 2013 Mississippi Creative Arts Festival Posted in 2013 Mississippi Creative Arts Festival on Feb 08, 2013
Sounds Great!

Re: My first Marionette Posted in My first Marionette on Feb 04, 2013
First marionette? Great job!

Re: Clinton Detweiler Has died... Posted in Clinton Detweiler Has died... on Jan 29, 2013
Huge loss for The puppetry  and ventriloquism world....