Latest Creation 2/3/21, 12:20 AM
Posted in Puppet Construction by The Puppet Dude
CMTS 2 My daughter and I were discussing the fandom behind creepy pastas and I brought up how funny it…
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Introduce myself 1/8/21, 10:46 AM
Posted in Introduce Yourself by Cricket
CMTS 12 Hello, I am a new member to puppetsandstuff and I have a million questions, but to keep it short.…
Welcome New Members 1/8/21, 10:19 AM
Posted in Puppet Chit Chat by Shawn
CMTS 2 Welcome to all new members of Puppets and Stuff!  Things have not been real active recently but…
Happy to be back to the new Puppets and Stuff! 11/30/20, 10:23 AM
Posted in Puppet Chit Chat by Óscar
CMTS 2 Hello puppet Lovers! Very happy to be back, Thanks Shawn for all your kind help,  linking  my…
I came asking for advice last year, on the old website 11/18/20, 9:46 PM
Posted in Puppet Chit Chat by Carnivorious-sheep
CMTS 5 Hello everyone,I came last year when I was trying to build a "Cookie Monster" lookalike for my…
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Height Adjustments for Puppeteers 9/28/20, 1:21 PM
Posted in Puppet Performance by Snail
CMTS 3 Are there any new methods you use to get your puppeteers heights adjusted to the puppet stage, any…
Best Sound for Live Puppet Show Today 9/28/20, 1:19 PM
Posted in Puppet Performance by Snail
CMTS 2 Been a few years since I had to do sound for live puppet show, we used Cassetts, CDs, and iTunes…
See how the puppets for the Eurofurence Pawpet-Show are made Saturday, 22. August 2020 8/20/20, 1:55 PM
Posted in Tutorials by Tioh
CMTS 1 I will live stream a 45-minute panel about puppet crafting for Eurofurence Online 2020 - Saturday,…
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Basic eyes. 8/19/20, 11:40 AM
Posted in Puppet Construction by pagestep007
CMTS 1 Here is a vid  of  how I do most of my eyes these days.  
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Scholarly Articles on Henson 7/19/20, 9:06 PM
Posted in Puppet Chit Chat by Harley
CMTS 2 Hello,I am currently working on a research paper involving Jim Henson's work in film puppetry and I…