Hello fellow puppet enthusiast. I've added some things to Puppets and Stuff!
You may now see a React button along with the Reply button.  This let's give your reaction to someone's post.  Right now you can Like, Love or LOL (find it funny).   I may add other reactions down the line.  

The other addition is a Gallery Images link in your user menu at the top of the page.   At the moment it shows you the images you have uploaded when you have added them to a new forum post.   I do plan to try and integrate viewing your images from the archive at some point.  Not much you can really do with this at the moment besides view some information about the image but I have plans to allow you to do some editing of images in this area. 

Now when you insert an image into a post the pop up window gives Upload option first instead of the URL option.  If you want to use an image form another site (please make sure you have permission to do so) you can click on URL to get to the input box for the location.  I would prefer that you only use secure https:// links.  I may actually force this requirement at some point. 
By Shawn on Feb 18, 2021, 2:35 PM
I've added the ability to do some editing of your images. In your Gallery Images page you can click on the thumbnail for a pop up window.  That well let do some simple edits to the image along with changing the Title and Description of the images.
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