Just wanted to let folks know about a few recent updates I've made to the site.

First you now have the option of using your AKA (nickname) for display instead of your real name if you want.  Simply go to Edit Profile > Personal Info and type in your AKA then select the "Use AKA only for display" checkbox.

In your user drop down menu you should see a Desktop link. This is a link to the welcome page that you see when you log in. This page has some added information about your account at the top then below that shows any items that may need your attention. I hope to expand on the data show here.  This page is only viewable by you. No one else sees this data.

The display of Recent Discussions and Comments now shows any images that have been posted.  A new Recent Unread box well show up above these two boxes if  there are any new unread post since your last visit. 

Bazil is back.  Bazil is an internal system user.  This account is used primarily to mark Discussion/Comments and old Archive post when a member of the community chooses to leave.  Hopefully you won't see this too often.

Online/Offline status is now shown on the directory listing.  This is based on user activity in the last 5 mins on the site.

You should now be able to edit your Discussions and Comments.  Look for the Edit button in the upper right corner of the post.

Please feel free to give feed back on these changes and any other changes you might like to see.
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