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April Fools Special Replies 6

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Apr 07, 2009

This is limited time Special.................. First come first serve. Limit one per customer. ONLY HAVE (5) AVAILABLEOne yard of Antron FleeceChoice of one skin dye…

Handmade Puppet Parade Replies 6

Posted by Chris Arveson on Apr 05, 2009

A friend of mine told me about a handmade puppet parade in Hillsborough, NC. Pics may be found at

Puppet productions Replies 18

Posted by puppet7 on Apr 02, 2009

I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with puppet productions........I placed an order back in Jan. and its not here. There phone is not working, no response to any of my emails…

hot glue Replies 12

Posted by antman76 on Apr 01, 2009

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if hot glue could be used to join fleece for the body, arms and head of a puppet, only until I get the hang of a sewing machine.  Any suggetions?

My First Uploaded Puppet Video Replies 12

Posted by Matt on Mar 27, 2009

Hand puppet from Sydney White Replies 4

Posted by aherzog82 on Mar 24, 2009

Hallo everybody,last week I saw a nice hand puppet in the movie Sydney White (and the 7 dorks)? I wondered whether anybody knows whether this is a puppet which is for sale and if that is the case,…

Mr. Woodchuck Replies 3

Posted by puppetfreak on Mar 24, 2009

If any of you were/are Full House fans then you must remember Mr. Woodchuck the puppet that came out in Joey's tv show "Ranger Joe". Here is a link if anyone knows anything about the…

Meeting Caroll Spinney: Big Bird/ Oscar Replies 10

Posted by Sonny on Mar 23, 2009

Hey Gang!I recently had the honor to meet one of the Sesame Street Original puppeteers, Carroll Spinney who manipulates Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. I brought my camera to record the event and was…

Hilarious outtakes of Ricky Gervais on Sesame Street with Elmo Replies 2

Posted by Ron G. on Mar 14, 2009

You may know Ricky Gervais from the original UK version of The Office, or the HBO joint production Extras. This is pure comedy gold featuring Gervais and Kevin Clash improvising, which will never be…

Finally got it done! New puppet kit! Replies 18

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Mar 12, 2009

Hello Everyone,You might remember that a couple of days ago, I asked about copyrighted free patterns.  Well...I just decided to go ahead and come up with my own pattern/kit to use at my puppet…

If you had a bad day! Replies 7

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Mar 05, 2009

If you are having a bad day just watch this video! I know it is not puppet related but it is funny. I would love to know where to get one of those squeak toys. D.

A couple of video clips with puppets Replies 6

Posted by Jorge on Mar 03, 2009

I did not know Herman Dune, a friend of mine talked about him (the group) a few days ago. Nice music and nice videoclips:This is with, as Dr. Puppet would say, pupetures of themselvesI hope you enjoy

Damon performs on Britain's Got Talent Replies 13

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 26, 2009

A friend sent me this video...........................    Damon performs on Britain's Got Talent. D.

Magic and puppetry: Can a featureless red ball be a puppet? Replies 3

Posted by Ron G. on Feb 22, 2009

I just finished reading this article on Teller, of Penn & Teller fame, and the trick that he has been spending hundreds of hours perfecting - bringing a ball to life. The article provides some fun…

Shadow puppetry workshop pics Replies 11

Posted by Bhanu on Feb 20, 2009

Dear folks, I conducted a shadow puppetry theater production with grade 11-12 students in an International School in Bangalore.They are into IB curriculum. Some of them opt for theater arts& learn…

Life in Technicolor by Cold Play Replies 6

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 18, 2009

This is a cool video D.

Artful Bras for Cancer Replies 3

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 18, 2009

I know this is not really puppet related but a friend sent me this website of a local quilters guild who handcrafted decorative undergarments. Some have dolls.Each Bra was sold to benefit…

Simple foam head Replies 2

Posted by Bhanu on Feb 18, 2009

Please see the simple polyfoam head construction given in the book titled `Puppets from Polyfoam :Sponge.ees' by Bruce Cheese. Very simple instructionand some ideas for eyes, ears & nose…

Potty Dance Replies 3

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 14, 2009

I just Love this Huggies pull up commercial called the " Potty Dance " I can see this incorporated with puppets perhaps in day care or something.................. I bet the nursing home…

Nannerpuss Replies 7

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 13, 2009

I think this is great example of how puppetry can be made from almost anything. Could not get the code to work. This banana was also a Super Bowl ad for Dennys.Billy D.

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