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Re: A couple short videos Posted in A couple short videos on Jun 19, 2017
Where there is a will, there is a way!  Keep at it. You have a decent enough webcam. Are you able to connect it to a laptop? That way  you  can  be mobile. ... also  check and see how good your cell phone  camera is.
Re: Attaching Arm Rods Posted in Attaching Arm Rods on Apr 11, 2017
 A recent  development :  have you ever seen those carbon fiber ribbed umbrellas?  If you can come by a discarded one in the street, grab it immediately. The rods are excellent. They are light, very strong, and mostly come with a plastic thing on the end, which has a hole in (or you can make one) which you can utilize to stitch or attach to the arm. I investigate every  umbrella I see thrown away, now.
Re: Patsy gets some advice. Posted in Patsy gets some advice. on Feb 24, 2017
You should get Mr Big G involved some more . He's cool. I think the Patsy Hoolahan blush  was a great idea.  and wow,  the pirate T-shirt business is ahead of you  Patsy! get in there!  Interesting outfit by the way.
Re: Spreading a little puppet love Posted in Spreading a little puppet love on Feb 12, 2017
Very true MIllie.
Re: Patsy's Post Election Commentary Posted in Patsy's Post Election Commentary on Nov 28, 2016
A great reminder for us down here in Colombia. Although elections and politics differ, we have also had polarizing events recently, and the same goes for us. I hope we have all managed to remain friends, even though our political views may differ. Thanks Patsy. Thumbs up.
Re: Haunted Elevator Posted in Haunted Elevator on Oct 31, 2016
Patsy...I am surprised that you have not commented on the upcoming presidential elections....
Re: Amazon Stop Posted in Amazon Stop on Sep 23, 2016
That's a great collection of books,videos and movies! It must have taken ages to find them all. It should save people a whole heap of searching.
Re: Dream project almost done Posted in Dream project almost done on Aug 21, 2016
It certainly is looking like your concept drawing (looking good) Remember, there is a difference between excellence and perfection. Excellence, you do your best, perfection you get screwed up, because nothing is ever perfect. I like the saying , 'aim for the moon , to hit the tree'. Another thing is, the more puppets you do , the better constructed they become (usually) Keep at it, and have fun (don't forget the 'have fun' part)
Re: Bat Joke Posted in Bat Joke on Aug 19, 2016
That's great. I am sure he will treasure it and the fond memories he probably had with you.
Re: "Wizard of Oz" Wizard Puppet? Posted in "Wizard of Oz" Wizard Puppet? on Apr 02, 2016
Sounds like a cool production.